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  1. I've purchased holly boards from Domex Hardwoods. Excellent quality, nice bright white. Biggest is 5/4. Prices on par with Gilmer but better selection.
  2. I have a Fein Turbo III (purchased 2008) combined with an Onieda Dust Deputy cyclone. As you can see I built a movable cart with the vacuum on the bottom and the Deputy topside. After a while I saw that I could gain more space for storing more "stuff" if I raised the Deputy up another level. I made it more useful to me by being able to store the big table saw sliding table as well as some extra clamp storage. In my mind the cyclone is a must. Over the past 12 years I have used two filter bags in the Fein, everything goes in the cyclone. All my tablesaw, router, jointer, drum
  3. Kurt, The link you still have in your first post links the old document (https://www.thenrg.org/resources/sharpie/nrg-sharpie-monograph.pdf) The new one is https://www.thenrg.org/resources/sharpie/nrg-sharpie-monograph-updated.pdf Bruce
  4. I recently tried a new brand, Mission Models Paint. I was very impressed with the performance using an air brush (Iwata CP-CS). In the past I have used floquil, tamiya, and model master with good results using Paasche and Aztek airbrushes. I tried the Model Expo paints and was not impressed at all. The Mission Models paints are water-based acrylics, non-toxic and odorless. The paints contain high-quality organic pigments with no additives. This results in infinite shelf life as there is no possibility of hardening or separation of pigment and medium in the bottle. Th
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