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  1. I would be interested in updates on this build. I'll pull a chair up and wait... Cheers Anders
  2. Having built this kit myself I know exactly what you mean about the size of things. Knowing that and see the quality in your details I am flabbergasted. I went over to my Maria and had a look after looking at these posts with the ropes... Yours is better Dirk ;-) .......anders........
  3. Sorry for my late reply here. Good news that Billing might carry on under new flag! Thanks everybody! .......anders.......
  4. Gorgeous work! Did you "age" the wood in the deadeyes or is that original? Cheers Adners
  5. Thanks Jan! Nope that's the problem. If I only had the part list I could buy the bits and bobs separately. I think I can manage to get stuff as I get on with the build but I thought it would be easier to be able to complete the stuff already now. Cheers Anders
  6. Thanks Mark! I've tried all that but I can't find anything anywhere. Cheers Anders
  7. I hope I post this topic in the correct forum. If not the admin is free to move it. I inherited a kit of "Meta" - Billing Boats no 484 - but the kit with fittings/accessories is missing. I've tried to get hold of someone from Billing Boats to see if I can buy one, or at least get a list of what it was suppose to contain so I could buy the separate parts, but they seem to be in stealth mode so I've been unsuccessful. Dose anyone here on the forum have a list of content for this kit or maybe even knows where I could get hold of one. cheers Anders
  8. I find myself sitting with an open mouth and raised eyebrows... ...a...
  9. I think I'm a little bit in love with the new tiller... .......anders.......
  10. Amazing work mate! Are you going to put the lettering on it as well? If so, then I will be really impressed! he he he... .......anders........
  11. Looks beautiful! I'm looking forward to see you do the rigging. I'm struggling with the tiny blocks at the moment... ...a...
  12. Before I come with my suggestion to the problem I'd like to say that I think it looks good as it is. Wouldn't it be better to paint the white first and then screen off the lettering and spray on the surrounding black afterwards? Cheers .......anders.......

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