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  1. Yep, unfortunately they copied all the mistakes from the old matchbox kit. Except the stern. The Snowberry had a round stern. Otherwise it is an impressive build! Very neat to build it on a 3D printer! Hermann
  2. I didn’t notice that. But you should always try it on a scrap piece. I just remove super glue overflow with it. Using a flat brush, moist with the solvent. Works very well.
  3. The best glue at this time is “thin” and “rubberized” super glue. You can clean it up with a brush and Cyanoacrylate remover. Also I discovered a nice putty, Vallejo Plastic Putty. The excess can be easily removed with a brush and water. Excellent for filling small gabs.
  4. I started to do the portholes to fill with Micro Kristal Klear ( thank you Yves, I almost forgot that I have it!). You can use it also on say plexiglass / acrylic glass sheets, if you have scratches on it (I ruined it with “regular” super glue), you put it on and the scratches disappear like magic. What I noticed is, that the scuttles are not very well glued to the hull. But it is too late now to fix it. I discover too late the right glue for it (thin super glue). The “glass” from the kit is not usable, IMO.
  5. Probably has to be August not April in the “News Line” ….
  6. Cool! What a beast! Well done! I like the stencils. But didn’t you forget the pilot? 😉 Hermann
  7. I got today my flags from AMP (Accurate Model Parts). They look pretty good. However, you have to be patient to get them. I ordered them beginning of June!
  8. Thanks Yves. One thing I don’t understand with your model is, why didn’t have the hull rivets? I would think that is an easy task when you draft the hull. And I would assume the printer doesn’t have a problem with it.
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