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  1. As they are arranged now the wider ends of the oars are all on the same side. Maybe you can alternate the ends of the oars, on the first one the "handle" of the oar on the right, the second one on the left and so on. I hope you ll get what i am trying to say. This way you ll save some space, but i am not sure about the aesthetics of it, or if it s the correct way of doing it.
  2. Ah, i just saw there is another topic about it, moderators please delete this one.
  3. Nice if true: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3568740/Captain-Cook-s-HMS-Endeavour-United-States.html
  4. Thank you. They are loosing interest too now, especially the older one, hard to fight games on the phones, the battle station was easier and more fun, but one thing i want them to accomplish is to finish the job, a good lesson for life Btw, great Victory you built Popeye!
  5. If think youll have no problems with the Thermpylae after this
  6. Thank you Popeye! To be honest the work on the rigging is very basic, but this being kind of a teamwork with two very young kids (10 and 12) it s ok. As a matter of fact i had to stop myself from correcting some of their work and being too pedantic, because this way i was killing all the fun from it. Tomas
  7. A nice happy ending for this legendary ship! And a nice model of course, there is a Calypso 2 if i am not wrong? Tomas
  8. Yes i understand, it s a difficult dilemma. I like the style of OcCre and Artesiana Latina emulating the color with wood, i also appreciate the painted hulls to a degree. I guess nothing else can be done but to buy different kits Tomas
  9. Ah, the art of model building! Hat down to your work. I went thru your build log, where i saw your case for the wonderful model. Maybe you already know that, but if you ll ever take pics of it once inside the case, it s possible to avoid reflections in the glass by using a polarizer filter in front of the lens. Obviously this means that you ll use an interchangable lens camera, like a DSRL, or a MILC. One drawback of this is that the filter will take away about a stop of light (-1 EV) which means only half of the light will reach the sensor, so you ll need more light. Tomas
  10. Five more yards to go! Nine done, like on a ship of the line, more or less. For sure clippers are ideal if one likes doing the rigging. Btw, i admit i use always too much rope, but the kit does`t have nearly enough rope in the box, future builders be advised.
  11. Sorry i missed that, yes i saw what you did, great idea, this should allow you more manuvering space when positioning them. Tomas
  12. Hello, built the San Felipe some 20 years ago. Went thru your log, strange you have all this problems with the gun ports, i don t remember having any, as far as i remember i used a paper template that was provided with the kit. The only slight adjustment i had to do was with the fourth row, the ones with the rounded holes. Anyway, keep going, almost any problem in ship modeling can be overcome!
  13. Wow Igor....are you trying to establish a world record in built models? What is the model on the extreme left? A frigate?
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