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  1. Work continues slowly on my model of The Spray. The cabins are built and in place. This took longer then expected. I found the way BlueJacket wanted them made was difficult. It was a two piece roof and wall, soaked and bent around the end pieces. I couldn't get the glue to bond or the cabins to be true. Instead I opted to cut the cabins out of a solid block of wood which I then planked over. For me I think they turned out fairly well. The next step is for the yoke and wishbone (made from Britannia metal). I have written to BlueJacket to see how these are affixed to the hull as the instru
  2. Some more work done on The Spray. The rails are on as well as the bow block and the taffrail deck. The lowed gudgeon is on as well as the rudder and rudder post. The rub frail is on each side and the scuppers are cut out. Most recently I built and installed the steering mechanism. The wheel was cast metal which I aged and then painted. Overall I am happy with the model so far. I am not the most talented model builder but it is coming along. Thanks go out to Nic at Bluejacket. A few times I have been unclear about some point or other and he has been kind enough to send a photo from a model
  3. Great project and you have already moved it in the right direction. Please keep posting I will enjoy seeing your progress.
  4. Making some more progress on The Spray. The bulwarks are in, the bowsprit is carved, shaped and installed along with the knightshead. A bit of filler and sanding is needed where the bulwark meets the rest of the hull and then some new paint. Next up is the cap and railing over the top of the bulwarks.
  5. With a bit more time on my hands I have made some progress on my Spray. As the photo shows the deck is down. This isn't the deck the was supplied. That was a two-part deck. I stained and varnished the supplied one and glued it down. However, I really didn't like the look of it, and I found it warped a bit once it was down and the glue dried. I had a fair bit of decking veneer left over from another ship model and installed that instead, with a thin coat of varnish. Now onto the knightsheads and bowsprit. The pencil is pointing to a piece I broke off during sanding and will have to be fixe
  6. I hope to get a bit more work done on this soon including getting the deck down and maybe a bit more. If you are following along, my apologies for taking so long. So many other things to do, including work. Now if I can only get paid to make ship models....
  7. My slow and hardly steady work on this model continues. I have now finished planking the hull. It went better then expected but far from perfect. I have painted it and as these pictures show moved onto the next step. The deck will be on soon.
  8. I am only a couple of blocks away from the Bluenose dock here in Halifax. That is a great model. Well done. Mostly scratch built? Awesome job.
  9. There is the page for the large clamp and here is the link for the smaller: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3316145?fbclid=IwAR3ShNGzt5Xhn4D-eePtq1BElSUzK5fVG3E-uPxy4vISxUQM2f5RbQU0sxw
  10. Well I said I wasn't going to be able to work on this ship model a lot and I was correct. However, I have made a bit of progress and here are some pics to prove it. As you can see the bulkheads are all in and a central stringer as well. I now have the first two plans on, one on either side. I had a bit of an issue with that stringer and how it ends on the keel so I wrote to Bluejacket and they wrote back within a day with pics and a diagram. Great help and very prompt. I have added a few pics of some clamps I am trying out and a peg board for bending the planks. The larger clamp with th
  11. Hello, just started my fifth ship model build. This time it is a model of the Spray. I have had this model on the shelf for about 15-18 years. I am a bit concerned that the build is beyond my ability and the instructions assume more knowledge then I have but time will tell. One of the reasons I am building this boat is that Joshua Slocum was from Nova Scotia and I was born and live here, home of the Bluenose and many many other ships worth modeling. I just finished a small model of The Bounty's launch, this was the first model I have build in about 12-15 years. Now back in it. This Spray mo
  12. Hi Edward. I am also in Halifax. Drop me a line we should chat.
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