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  1. Cool , thank you for clearing that up . Guess ill be getting the tilt table
  2. I think I understand what your saying ,thats why jim says to tilt the saw to make the table flat.
  3. again thank you , does anyone have a picture of the table set at 22.5 degrees , i would like to see the gap from the table to the bed please , or maybe i'm not understanding exactly how it works
  4. thank you , i know its easy to fit to the saw i just have questions about using it , do you have any pictures of the table in use ,
  5. i did see that one , thats why i have questions about the use of the table . is there a video of someone actually using it?
  6. there seems like a big gap between the table and the bed , is this a problem for smaller cuts?
  7. i searched for videos on using the tilt table and only found one , he was complaining about the need for 3 hands to set it up and that the 2 small allen head bolts that hold the angle weren't strong enough for multiple cuts , also that these bolts had to tightened up to the point of stretching the threads which would fail over time , is this correct ? i have the sliding table but as of now , haven't used it , but then again i'm only at the beginning of my scratch building journey , i have , however , on several occasions needed to cut specific angles on the x section i'm building now , so
  8. i have searched for the answer to this question but get differing responses . i own a byrnes table saw , which is excellent , and i completely understand the reason for keeping the blade at 90 degrees . i looked at the tilting table attachment , but find more negative reviews than positive , but i find that i need to be able to cut at an angle more than i realised so i'm trying to find a solution to that problem, the only thing that i have found is the tilt arbor table saw from micro mark , but its $350 , is there something that i have missed that i could use to make angled cuts (fairly e
  9. found this on their website , guess i have my answer , thank you for the referral its perfect BOND PRINTING PAPER Bond printing paper is the common, slightly rough surfaced paper used for writing, printing, and drawing, etc. Bond paper derives its name from the original use of this tough paper for the printing of government bonds. We offer several grades of bond paper for printing: 20# white, 20# Colored (the paper is colored pink, blue, yellow, and green), 24# white, and 32# white bond. The grade of bond paper is important to how your print looks. For specs and regular bluep
  10. i printed the largest ones and although the first page i printed didn't have a scale on it , the next couple did and the measurements are perfect, its just the 3 middle ones i have to figure out , and thank you for the link i will give them a try
  11. i'm also having problems with the website , lots of 404's and unable to order certain things, while i totally agree that the books are worth the wait , even a personal email as confirmation would be enough , actually a reply to an email enquiry would be ok too. i will order from them again as the product is without question exceptional and i am more prepared for the 2 month wait , i guess my credit card being charged is my confirmation
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