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  1. not sure if i've asked this before but is the proxxon mini mill any good for light duty work , or should i get a more expensive one , i plan to use it for scratch building
  2. i ordered 2 books on the 18 of november , when i called they said that they were returned to sender so they have sent them to me again , Cathy even gave me a tracking number , i have ordered several books from them now one came within a few days but all the others have taken a little bit of time , but they did get to me and in perfect condition, the books are worth the wait so be patient and you will be rewarded
  3. all great suggestions , i did look at the band saw tutorials when i got my band saw and i think i have it setup as best as i can , i haven't used it much so some practice pieces are a great idea , i've also contacted an orange orchard near me to see if they can spare any timber but haven't had a reply yet ,
  4. i ordered a piece from gilmer wood its boxwood and measures 2 5/16 x 4 7/8 x 24" not sure if thats enough , i think its more than i need but i wont know till i start ripping it , thank you everyone for your help and suggestions
  5. i do have a band saw , i don't thibk its 14 inch , possibly 8 but still good enough to saw logs ,i thik searching around for logs is an excellent idea and one that didn't cross my mind , this hobby is really opening up yo me , thank you gentlemen
  6. thank you , i found some pear that i may try and if not cherry as a backup. i have a byrnes table saw and thickness sander so i can rip small sizes of wood , actually i have a cheap full size table saw so i can probably rip larger pieces in to smaller chunks for the other equipment.
  7. technically not my first project but i am going to try my first full ship, the Hayling Hoy< i am just about to finish a blandford cross section that i used mostly cherry for , that worked out well ,i was wondering if i should stick with the cherry or try something else . i thought about boxwood but cant seem to find it anywhere same with pear, what are your thoughts on this and if you do have a suggestion , where can i get it from? thanks Anthony
  8. again thank you , i am leaning towards a mill as i can see where it would be useful ,are there any brands to steer clear of ? is the proxxon one the same as the micro mark one?
  9. i have the byrnes table saw , the disk sander and the thickness sander , a cheapish scroll saw that works and an oscillating drum sander , plus various hand tools . i bought the table saw after selling the micro mark one that i bought and used once , it was horrible . thats when i realised that you have to pay for quality tools , thank you flr all the suggestions i will look into the rasp
  10. i am going to be embarking on my first full pof build , the Hayling Hoy from the book and plans by David Antscherl , i already have most of the tools that i think i will need but i don't have a set of chisels for carving and fairing the inside of the ship , i don't want to buy cheap (throwaway tools) but something that i will be able to use for more than one project , can someone recommend a make that is fit for the purpose? also the next tool i would like to buy and i will have to save for a while to be able to afford it is either a lathe or a mill , i think the mill would be more valua
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