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  1. Thank you Mark! The idea for this jig is not mine. It is from Günter Bossong, really ingenious model builder: http://www.minisail-ev.de/fibel/fib-03-09/fib-03-09.htm The site is in german, you can try google translator Regards Alex
  2. Hi Tom, the tops of timberheads are parrallel to the sheer, as seem on framing plan here: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83769.html they are extensions of frames and follow the tumblehome, also angled inwards. Regrads Alex
  3. Hi Tom, the 1. was been answered by Highlander the 2. you see the cut, it is a reference. They are yust filed by hand. the 3. It is yust round piece glued at the end... Alex
  4. Hi all, planksheer continued and timber heads in process. those parts are laminated from 3 layer of 0,5mm pear wood: then the planksheer and timber heads are painted black and installed: Regards Alex
  5. No wonder. I'm also always continue healthy and active when drinking Beer, and also not a fan of a Rum...🤣
  6. Hi Gary, I have seen this plan, the Standard is drawed with pensil, what is unusual for "official" alterations, and ist not noted on the plan as other alterations usually does. It can be that it is drawed much later for another purpose like building a modell? Some plans in NMM have such details drawed with pensill...
  7. Hi, while researching for Anson I have noticed two different methods for fitting the false stem and standard, that I have also found in some 74 gun ships. One was where the false stem go up to upper deck breast hook and no standard was fittet here. Another where false stem ends at the gun deck breast hook and a standard was fitted agains stem. here the examples: HMS Warrior with standard: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81116.html here the bigger image: and here HMS Ramillies without standard: https:/
  8. Thank you Pat! And here the photos from scuppers, and a sketch to show how they are made: Regards Alex
  9. Thank you all for warm words! Gary, the scuppers are made from cooper tube, they are also in two part. One inserted into deck and one into outboard... If I remember me correktly (some jears ago), I should have one or two unused scuppers in the box. I will make a Photo tomorrow and post it. Regards Alex
  10. Hi all, a lot of dust here... after long absence a small update from me. I have managet to work on Sphynx furter, if only slow... in the time I have done the steps and prepared planksheer for F. Castel und Q. Deck. the images explains better that words... Alex
  11. Hi Tom, I'm living ;) I'm working now at other things, Sphynx is paused for some time... Regards Alexander
  12. As far as I know, the main difference between frigate and ship rigged sloop is the length of the lower deck. https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/84276.html https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83710.html If you look at those plans, you will notice that lower deck by sloop Atalanta ends at the range of mizzen mast, while by Sphinx it going to stern post. The 20 gun sphinx class do not have had guns on the quarter deck and fore castle by launching. The six rate contains ships from 20 to 28 guns. The 20 gun ships are smalest rated ships, called also post-
  13. Hi Gary, looks very good! I'm glad you work furhter on your Alfred! Please keep updates coming. Alex
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