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  1. Wie Gehts, Alex!


    You mentioned that the Razee Anson plans are now available. What would the costs be, with shipping to the United States?




    Steve, aka, USS Frolick

  2. Hi druxey, as a example: the Diana class frigate in Science Museum has the same arrangement...
  3. Hello, I have decided to leave the Heads blank. The work on Head go slowly further, images follow. Regards Alex
  4. Good morning, only small update here. I have diassembled the head and began to glue the pieces permanent in to place. Before I mount the upper rails I have a question: mostly contemporary models show the timber heads of upper rail black and I'm not sure if I shal do so. Here an image I have manipulated in photoshop what do you mean? Alex
  5. how does one get these plans and how much as i am a disabled veteran i need a good project to keep me sane through all this craziness. thanks in advance 1/48 scale please.



    1. Alex M

      Alex M

      Hi James,


      sorry for not answered you question immediately. At 1/48 scale the plans costs 105 Euro plus shipping.




    2. drhemlock2


      how much is that in us funds also do you have patpal account my addess is 832 e us hwy 52 lot 15, rushville, indiana 46173 also can you send me it via zip files so i can print different sections on printer



      email is drhemlock2@gmail.com

  6. Hi James, very nice model! I will follow this build with interest. If I see right you have used my planking sheme for main wales and decks... Regards Alex
  7. Hello and thank you all for warm words! now I have reached a little but important for me milestone, all rails are done! And I'm satisfied with them... The next task are the head timbers... Regards Alex
  8. Hello and thanks you for likes! The second supporter knee in place and middle rail in work Regards Alex
  9. Most contemporary sources give the minimum length of planks as 6 feet. The minimum width should be not less as double thickness to prevent the splitting.
  10. Hi Gaetan, going through your build log and photos is like walking on real ship! And the workshop is a dream! Can you make a virtual tour? Alex
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