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  1. Hello usedtosail, The partner of a capstan was usually made of four pieces, fastened with clenched bolts. Two inner parts are parted in the middle to allow easily remove of them to lift the capstan for maintenance or some other purpose. Regards Alex
  2. The white wood represents the pine, that was generelly used for deck planking, the pear represents the oak, used for important structural planking, and is darker. As for me, specially by such wunderfull builds, the used wood does not matter, but the handwork, that is by marsalv simply incredible. I'm out of words. Regards Alex
  3. Hello, The model above shows a double capstan, the rings are for lifting and lowering. The fore jeer capstan on two decker ships can be lowered down to make room on upper deck for i.e. boat stowage. There was a room under the capstan called capstan room. Alex
  4. Hi Don, sorry, I are relatively sure I have read about 6 feet minimum length, but can't remember more where... I must not be exactly Steel, but was one of contemporary books. Alex
  5. original sources like Steel and Fincham states that planks should be not shorter than 6 feet.
  6. The 20 gun frigate Sphinx is not one of Enterprise Class, but of his own Sphinx Class: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/83710.html. She have had no guns on Quarterdeck, no solid bulwarks and no openings in the taffrail. But if anyone has payed for tihis it all does not matter
  7. Hi Siggi, by the rum... if you need more painters let me known :) stunning work! Alex
  8. I also, Gianpierro 😉 Greg, no. This will be too big if gigged... Thank you all! Alex
  9. It is alway a pleasure to see you updates, marsalv! Stunning work on blocks! Alex
  10. Hello and many thank you for warm words and likes! the fenders are completted: Regards Alex
  11. Hello and thank you for likes and warm words! The work go on, the seats in the corners are done. actually worked on fenders and panels on head frames. Alex
  12. Hello and thank you for warm words and likes! The "head pieces" (is it right term?) are usually represented on the contemporary models as one piece of wood. On the plans that show this area in detail, you can see a small rail attached: So I have tried to implement this: They are first fixed with a few drops of glue, because I still have to adjust the seats of ease in the corners Alex
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