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  1. Thanks for the background info on coppering! I remember a couple of drydocks in Norway, and totally get what you mean about asking for desertion πŸ˜‚ White stuff it is then! I think it definitely looks better than the copper anyway, which is one of the reasons I got the Fly & upgrade set rather than the Pegasus. On the historical accuracy note; I was reading on the instruction sheets the bit about the decorations, and how the ship would have been very unlikely to have fought with the painted friezes. As I like the 'rough and ready' look she would have had in ops, I am now regretting
  2. I had to go down to the Big Smoke for work, and I became separated from my model for a few days, so no updates for a while. However, I got my hands on white paint, and I am taking my airbrush and compressor up with me on my return, so the waterline will be marked and the wetted parts will be sprayed a few nice thick coats of white! I am wondering whether it would be more appropriate for the era to copper-sheath, or leave it white. I think the white stuff will look lovely though.
  3. Yip, it looks legit! I would love to show the boat being deployed that way on my build. Though that causes a slight problem: the boat's length is much shorter than the spacing of the rubbing strakes that run up the sides of the hull. Judging from the spacing of those strakes, I would need a ca. 50% longer ship's boat. Or maybe one more strake in between what is already there.
  4. Ok, I think I found the answer to my own question. Googling it was a tough one, as I had to scroll through hundreds of photos of boat launches at shipyards. They used the yards as crane booms: (I don't know the original source, so I cannot credit it. I found this on 'pinterest'.)
  5. I have another question; The capstan bars would likely be stowed away under the quarterdeck, probably along deck beams, just like the gun ramrods etc. But how about the oars? They would be massive. The only place I can think of them going would be along the top of the bulwark, by the hammock cranes. What would they have looked like? Another question, not so much for including in the model, but more for information; how were the ship's boats launched, from the spot on the centreline to over the side? Using the yards as crane booms?
  6. Should I weather the bows then, just below the bowsprit rails, with a dark brown shade? πŸ˜‚ Thanks for that tip though; I had never thought of it! I knew they had sitting arrangements on the bows of larger vessels, but I guess one just squatted on the rails on a vessel the size of the Fly. I will just put some kind of handrail then!
  7. And that is all the decks finished (apart from the aft end of the forecastle, which needs the margin plank and the supportint beam and brackets below it). I must admit to something that may make the purists barrel-roll in their beds tonight πŸ˜‚ I did not have any suitable wide and thin planks to use as a margin plank on the rounded section, so I cut the planks as if they were butted against a margin plank, then used filler and sanded it to look level. Looks decent enough to fool most inspections, but best to own up πŸ˜‚ What do you do with grating the rails above the b
  8. Quarter deck done, maybe a light sanding needed. Made a start with the foredeck. The guns are not glued, but the carriages are, and rigged ready for firing (thus the run-out and haul-in tackle is disconnected). A few superglue marks πŸ™„ At least they do not show without the flash. I am not the best at following build manuals and made a couple of mistakes, but she is looking good. Once I get my compressor sorted, I will spray the bottom white and likely paint the hull between the whale and waterline in yellow ochre. The hull curves are just t
  9. Has anybody done a Pegasus or Fly with a full set of sails rigged? I would love to build it with at least some of the sails up, trimmed for reaching and filled with wind, but not sure of a) their size and b) how to make them 'full of wind'. If you know of a log showing how to do that, please fire away! I've done sails before, in my 20s, but they looked limp and the stitching grossly out of scale.
  10. The margin plank on the quarterdeck. Doing the same around the curves of the forecastle will be... interesting πŸ˜‚
  11. I love your 2nd planking, and you did a very cool tapering job, with the planks following the natural curves of the hull. Well done! I coated my hull with cellulose dope. It ended up looking pretty good and it really brought out the wood tones, so maybe you can make up a small piece of plywood planked with the 2nd planking strips and try it, to see if you are happy. Note that I painted my hull and only used the dope to seal it, but I personally would have left it on the dope had I decided not to paint it. Here are a couple of pics to show you what it looked like when doped (I used a
  12. A bit more progress. I worked out how to rig the guns 😊 It's not perfect and I cheated on a couple of points (I glued one of the haul-in blocks to the carriage, and the run-out rigging connects to the same rings as the recoil rope, but I wasn't going to put 5 rings on something the size of my pinky's nail πŸ˜‚) but it will look convincing enough! The first mistake! I installed the main mast bits facing the wrong way. I tried to pull them out and it won't happen, but I'll work something out. (Those two columns are facing the wrong way) Q
  13. I will be following your build keenly, and it will likely be my next build! I was looking at the Vanguard range just yesterday!
  14. Ok, I had a look for a few videos and a bit of reading up on wikipedia. This is a good one; It turns out the ring positions are spot on by Amati. The muzzle would not come inside the hull, but recoil just about flush with the bulwark. The gun crew would sit on the gun port and swab, ram etc from the outside.
  15. I've made a bit of progress with the deck and fittings. I can see this is going to take me a while, which was the whole point of starting HMS Fly (aka HMS Lockdown)! Thinking about the guns. I will be going for a few of them shown in the 'ready' position, some stowed for sailing and a couple in the fired/reloading position. This is a 'fired' one (haul in/out tackle still to be added). Does this look about right in terms of recoil? Would it be possible to reload there, or would the gun need to be pulled further back? I am starting to think the haul-in rigging's deck ring
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