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  1. It is likely to be July before my Fly can get outside to play again! I can of course keep building all the little pieces and finish the hull and the masts, then just wait till I am settled in before I install them and rig them up. Meantime, I will be watching your build!
  2. I've been very quiet 😂 I have not lost my modelling mojo, nor have I pressed on with the build and not posted about it. Just a major geographical move now being firmly on the cards, so I think it is best to leave the masts off the boat till she is her new (forever) home! All going well, there will be a mantlepiece over a fireplace!
  3. Hey, great to see you starting it! Regarding showing a waterline but not losing the wood texture, how about a subtly darker shade of stain for the underwater parts? I have no idea how it will look though!
  4. Your first planking is absolutely gorgeous. Keen to see how your build will progress!
  5. It sounds like I was completely off with my assumptions 😂 Thank you for the velocities, with over 2x what I had assumed, it now makes sense that the breeching line would take a serious beating on every shot!
  6. Ok, this is a pretty good video to watch, and it explains how they weighed anchor on HMS Victory. It talks about the messenger line and everything else involved! Apparently, it was a 5-6h job!
  7. The anchor cable had to be very thick to be able to take all the mooring forces, so you probably couldn't put too many turns over a capstan with it. Also, you probably wouldn't want to do that anyway, as it would mean running the cable all the way to the capstan, then to the hold. And -probably the main reason- you would never be able to handle the cable over the stoppers if it was under tension. Instead, they used to run a 'loop' of smaller diameter rope called a 'messenger', looped 3-4 turns over the capstan (for friction) and over to the bow (over a couple of rollers just in front of t
  8. Gorgeous! Any idea what wood the real ones were made of?
  9. I just drilled and filed off 1 square off the mid-ship hatch's grating, at the two fore corners. I will fill and stain the adjacent parts of the gratinf, to make it look like it's not part of the grating but a fixed part of the hatch coaming, and have the rope pass through the hole. It LOOKS like this is the way to go, but still not 100% sure. It appears that this is what it would be for weighing anyway, but I want to show it like it is about to be lowered, which could be different. I realised I should have installed the messenger rope a long time ago. This could be inte
  10. It all makes sense, as those were boats which primarily sailed downwind or on a reach at best, e.g. the wind would always be away from the bow, unless riding on the anchor. Speaking of anchors, any idea how the anchor cable would normally be riding over/around the stopper bits, when the anchor was secured for sailing? I am planning to set up the ship to look like she has just arrived somewhere; one anchor stowed, one anchor hanging from the cathead ready for lowering, the ship's boat being lowered and all but a couple of sails furled. I am confused as to how the cable w
  11. Hello Tim, great job, the bow platform is looking good! I am still figuring out how to do mine. On the anchor cables; I think we need to ask for help. I took mine out as I wasn't sure about how I had them going over the stoppers. I am not 100% sure, but you may also have them in a wrong way; the cable should be able to run along the deck, I think on the outside of the stoppers. When placed over the stoppers, I think it should look like this; My reasoning is that -by being on the outside of the bits- it would allow it as straight and long a run towards the capstan as
  12. That is all related to my problem 😂 I am a Naval Architect by trade, a keen sailor, worked onboard ships for a bit in my earlier years and now work with the oil&gas industry (a pretty risk-conscious sector), so it is hard to lose all the preconceptions I come with regarding risk assessments, the 'How I would do it' and all the expectations I would have from a modern ship 😂 I kind of need to unlearn everything and resist the temptation to do it my way 🤣
  13. That's brilliant Tim, thanks for the photos, good to see it without any clutter around it! I will probably do something similar then. Still not 100% convinced the heads would be there, as I still think it is too low down to be safe for all the crew visiting a couple of times a day in anything but relatively calm weather. Then again, those were different times and men were being sent 100ft up rope ladders and yards of a rolling and pitching ship with no fall protection 😂
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