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  1. @Rik Thistle: thank's for your nice words :-)! Yes, the kit is great to build! I'm realy happy to buy a Vanguard kit and nothing else for my first time build. Unfortunatly, there are no marks on the frames, but they would be of great help for me :-). Parts fit realy well, so it is a lot of fun to build. But I think I'm the first here to manage breaking on of the longitudinal stringers: Dos'nt matter in the end. What I realy struggle with is this: beveling of the first frames without any hint how far this has to got! I realy would appreciat
  2. @SpyGlass: thank you very much for leaving a comment here :-). Well, I think this is nither a competition nor a race ;-), only importent thing can be the joy of the building process itself, as you say! 🙂 First parts glued together, the stand: Bulkheads prepared and set together: Together with the decks: Panorama view: Funny to see, what skills I have to develop. I mean, it is not so easy to hold work the sanding tool of choice exactly square to the part. I see, I have a very long way to go..
  3. Hello! Well, what can I say more than this will be my first wooden ship model. So, I'm afraid, this will be more importend for me, to get any possible help, than for you with anything interesting new. Perhaps I can make some 'new' errors *g Why Speedy? I have another kit, but never started do build it. It is a collectible kit, and the more I get, the more I was dissapointed about it's quality, so never started it. But it was not only the quality of the parts, the more time I spend with it, the less appealing it was for me, because it don't look 'right' to me any mo
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