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  1. Hello, I temporarily removed the hull from the yard to start leveling the coasts.
  2. Happy New Year to all of you some photos of the small advancement of the Victory.
  3. Hi friends I put some photos of the Victory, I am putting the filling ribs provisionally, I intend to leave them at this height to have a greater space between the raising ribs, in this way you can have a smoother view on the various bridges and observe better interior details.
  4. Hello, after about a year of model stoppage I come back to you, I have moved house and place of residence I have created a new laboratory and I hope soon to start building the Victory 1765 again. Greetings Albert
  5. Hi Amalio great beautiful work yours Pandora is FANTASTIC.
  6. You're incredibly good Johann your attention to detail, the explanation of their use is very useful to us all.
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