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  1. Like it a lot Julian! The shrouds are very nice. Also like the painting with the windmills in the back, reminds me of "home" 🙂
  2. Hi Julian, I thought so much (tarred look), but this is almost impossible to attain in a realistic way by brushing paint on the rope (I think) and especially after the rigging is done since you will not be able to reach everything and - in trying to do so - may have some collateral on other lines or masts, etc. I could never imagine traveling that road...
  3. Hi Julian, Painting the rope... seriously?? Oh my that's impossible, you'll never get it to look anywhere near realistic or good in any way 😞. On top of the general problem of painting rope (anyone ever tried that?), this is impossible to do on already rigged parts. There will be parts which you can't reach (but can see) and think of the mess if you make a mistake and touch something which is not supposed to be black 😞 Good decision to order rope that is black to start with. An alternative could have been to dye the rope before rigging but that would have been some work, would probab
  4. Hey Julian, good to see you're still at it! You got some pretty solid techniques there from the looks of it. I'll certainly remember to visit this build log again when I am finally up to that point with my Bluenose... I love to see your work, it really looks very good.
  5. I hear you Bob. Unfortunately I have also had to learn that one has to think in years here, rather than days or weeks... Since we built our house 3 years ago my Bluenose is also patiently awaiting better times... It is what it is. I look forward to seeing more of your work, knowing that this seems far away now but will be there before I know it. 😉
  6. Nice work & looking great Julian! I bet you measured and eyeballed the positions about 8000 times before you finally drilled, I know I would have Nice drill bits, I never saw those before. Mine are all round and yes, they may slip but mainly when drilling concrete. Anyway, these are practical for manual drilling for sure. Hope your wrist is getting better..
  7. Hi Julian, just checking in after being away for some time (working on the house..). I think you are doing a very nice job, your Santa Maria is looking great! About the lathe: I know what you mean. If I would buy all the machines I would like to have I think I could move out ;-) Have you tried a drill? If you have a drill with variable speed and insert the mast intead of a drill or bit, you can rotate the mast. Then press some sandpaper against the rotating mast and you will sand it evenly on all sides. Of course you still have to check and measure all the time but at le
  8. yes that was last year.. Since my last real "build-log" post I have built a house (well had it built for the most part) and I am still busy getting my workspace ready for modelling. And building things for in the house and all that stuff you do in and around a house. So, not quite back in the saddle yet but sharpening the blades, cooking up the glue and mixing the paint so to say
  9. Very nice work indeed. And I agree on the spelling. The other spelling versions could easily have been interpreted (by non-dutch native speakers) from etches where in fact the writing was not so clear... Keep up the good work!
  10. well.......hello birthday boy!   just chimed in to see your name on the list!  hope you have a great day :)   



  11. Wow I just returned from being offline for a while only to find... well nothing at first. I could not find my posts, my content, and almost everything I used to. So now I am getting used to the "new" forum. Well it looks good and works nice. Soon enough I'll find my way around it and all is well again In the meanwhile my Bluenose is in the basement waiting for its turn. The house is almost finished and a part of the basement will be my working area. I hope to finish that somewhere in spring or summer and look forward to be able to start modelling again. I'll be back ;-D
  12. Yeah, plus basically you may know it best as the material most transparent bottles containing water or soda are made from. If it's not glass, it's mostly PET. I bet it is one of the plastics most found in nature unfortunately and It fills the oceans. Why not make the circle round and recylcle it in your ship
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