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  1. Evening all, I continued with the forecastle bits - they were painted then weathered, I then got my instructions off the admiral that she wanted the capstan to have its spindles - so hey presto I made it so - painted and weathered. After letting the capstan dry I turned my attention back to the forecastle - it ocured to me that the inner railing was missing some belaying pins, I have some metal ones so I had to drill out the rail between posts then glue in the pins with some gaitor glue. Just a couple of pics -
  2. Evening all, only a lttle bit of work today on the pearl - firstly I built/painted and weathered the capstan then glued it down, then I started work on the kit forecastle bits, the kit part is a complete piece - all it needed was a bit of cleaning up then a piece of decking was placed underneath to help its attachment to the deck. Just the two pics - OC.
  3. Hiya mate, yep slightly darker but deffo showing some weathering, its a very enjoyable build and the scale 1/72 really helps - I used to make 1/72 scale Airfix toy soldiers - you know the ones that were that horrible slimmy plastic (real hard to paint) I at one stage had hundreads of then including the Battle of Waterloo battle set - had then all over the room floor ( mum was not impresed) OC.
  4. Oh - I foregot to mention - the upper sides are not glued on yet, just dry fitted to test weathering and fit. OC.
  5. Really cant go wrong with a build, be it either wood or plastic - or even a combination of both, its only limited by our imagination, the skill part comes along with practice (I think). OC.
  6. Yep there called wriggles, they were in two shapes - one more pointed in the center and the other more flat on the top with rounded corners. OC.
  7. Evening all so today was "weathering/shading day" - I gave the hull and upper hull parts a series of dry brush white passes, basically just white acrylic with a large brush with almost all of tha paint taken off the brush with a rag, than brushed all over raising the highlights and creating some age. Here's the pics - OC.
  8. Evening all, today I fitted the two forecastle ladders then gave them a coat of paint, I then decided to close in the lower/main gun deck hull sides, this was a fiddly operation requiring some moving around of the side sectons to get them to sit properly, this caused a bit of poly cement mess around the join. After the first side was glued and supported with elastc bands - I was able to attach the other side, I set the hull aside to set while I cooked dinner - then I touched up hull join line, but also decided to give all hull parts a second coat - that to be honest is a more brow
  9. Evening all, I thought I would do some work to the rear bulkhead decorations - these are kit parts but they do look amazing for plastic, anyway first thing I did was to paint the three sections in brass paint - this was force dried with a hairdryer, then I started weathering and generally making them look aged and old, I then glued them to the rear bulkhead. Just the two pictures, with the second one showing how it will look when I attach the rear cabin window sections. OC.
  10. Evening all, another good day on the pearl today - I started work on the wheel and assembly, the kit version is good shape and all I needed to do was to shape the frame work, after doing this I gave it a couple of coats of paint then weathered it slightly, then I attached the wheel to rudder rope - this was wrapped around the spindle then secured with pva with both ends weighted down to keep it in place. Then I attached an anchor point underneath the deck with a piece of 1x1mm, then I pused the rope ends through the grating and glued the wheel assembly in place, when set I will secure t
  11. I added the pva in the window panes and it seems to have done the trick - made the lighting impression more subtle. OC.
  12. Another job for tomorrow - I might play around with hazing the skylight windows abit more, by dropping in some pva with a tiny amount of yellow paint, just to give them that aged look and to make the view through them slightly less - making the candle glow paintwork more realistic. OC.
  13. Good evening all, firstly thank you all for the likes and comments - I had another good day on the pearl I started bt painting the main grating, then I glued it down and set it aside to set, then I turned my attention to the poop deck firstly I constructed a section of grating for the wheel to sit on, then I boxed it in, before fixing it down I cut a square opening through the deck for the wheel/rudder control ropes to go through the deck, then I glued the grating down and gave it a couple of coats of paint. I also decided to modify the captains cabin roof skylight as the kit m
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