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  1. Thank you my friend, I use different pain relief creams including ibrofafine (not spelt that right I know) and cold freeze creams, the problem is the condition will only get worse with age, so I will just make the most of things before it gets too bad. OC.
  2. Good evening/morning or even afternoon, I have been getting build hungry and missing getting "hands on" so I have decided to have a bash in the next few days on the ole girl. I have been reviewing were I am on my build by going through my picturs, (I have her sat on our shelves covered in about ten feet of dust - well it looks that much - honest) I will have to use the wifes hairdryer to blow off the dust first. I will continue with the rear deck up towards the rear bulkheads, and I will be attaching the two gun tubs both port and starboard, and also a length of bunk rolls
  3. Another fine plastic build, its great to see even the older kits getting a fresh new life, I built loads of the old Airfix ship kits when their skill level was not that high, loving what you have done so far Im following with interest also. OC.
  4. Looking really good kevin, the detail in the hanger is First Rate, I know sometimes getting the scale right between a kit model (that is often out by a few mm - cm's) and trying to work around it can be a trial. Its sure is coming along really nicely. Glad you doggy is recovering also. OC.
  5. Looking really good kevin are you going to disply with hanger blind open or closed? I bet getting the real wessex in and out was real game - good job the tail wheel was rotatable. OC.
  6. Thank you carl much appreciated, its funny I can still do most normal things like support the weight of my camera lens with my affected (Left hand) but things like my laptop keyboard and model making is the most difficult as my fingers lock up and the pain is quite bad. OC.
  7. Good afternoon folks - sorry its been so long since I was last on my build, my hand problem has been causing some problems and a lot of pain as I explained before, I was getting locked fingers by holding all the small pieces and tools. But with any luck I will make a fresh effort to carry on with her as she is sitting on the shelf looking very sad and un-loved, I owe it to her to continue. Thank you all for being so patient with me OC
  8. Isnt it Yellow Ocre possibly lightened down a shade, as she seems that way in real life, well last time I was on here as part of a naval week. OC.
  9. Did you see this guys build what he did with re building Warspite at such large scale is amazing. OC.
  10. So much easier in a larger scale I assume? save trying to hold, clean, stick then paint tiny fiddly parts. OC.
  11. Some great work going on there kevin, its amazing how much work goes into a ship like this. OC.
  12. Hi Kevin great work loving it, just an enquiry regarding the wessex (Parrot) and thoughts on a kit for her? there are a few good examples out there including Wessex HAS.3 XP142 "Humphrey" OC.
  13. This is going to be a Fantastic build - folks at 1/72 scale thats the scale of the most common aircraft kits or plastic soldiers we all collected, and imagine HMS Fifes length at that scale - 7.2 feet yep 7.2 feet Magnificant. OC.
  14. Kevin give this site a try for photos info etc its very good - http://countyclassdestroyers.co.uk/ OC.
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