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  1. Well that hasn't worked out well - whole walkway structure fell appart after I glued it all together, and its all a buckled mess - combination of lack of dexterity - holding small parts, and inabilty at glueing and securing such small areas. So guess it will have to be Warspite but minus the walkway (not very realistic I know) OC.
  2. I started on the rear walkway today folks, first I had to cut two pieces from the PE fret namely the floor and railings, then after a slight sanding of the edges next step was to bend the railing to meet the shape of the plastic roof section, I did this by bending it against a narrow sanding stick, as it was gentle enough not to damage the PE part, but also strait enough to get the fold, after doing this and comparing the shape to the roof - I layed a troth of PVA and layed the railing to it positioning it carefully then left it to dry. Next I turned me attention to the walkway footplate
  3. Slight change of plan I thnk, as I have been working from the stern - forwards, I think tomorrow I should work on the stern walkway, as this is a mini kit in itself and requires some PE parts. Here is a photo of how the parts look and when fitted to the ship. OC.
  4. Sounds like a man with a plan keep it up greg she is looking super. OC.
  5. I still salute your experise greg I know not just me but a good few of us think you are a master craftsman, and have established a benchmark on here pushing the boudaries of plastic modeling. Good on you greg. OC.
  6. There is always a certain amount of hands on - reaching across - holding a model to do work on them, and sometimes parts get broken or knocked off, but your work with extra fine details always looks as if you have mini robots doing the work for you, or you must have a surgeons hands. Amazing. OC.
  7. I used to build most ot the 1/600 Airfix ships when I was a lad, they were quite crude by todays standards, but none the less an enjoyable experience, I remember on one occasion I went with my late parents down to Portsmouth (UK) Navy Days and was brought a Airfix model ship from their HMS Devonshire I think it was, that made building the model that much more significant. OC.
  8. Good day folks more work on the ole girl today I started off by over painting the pedestals in brass color as I thought they would look better than black, while they were drying I started boring out two holes under the hull ready to take the lugs on the pedestals. When they were both ready I offered them up and stuck using CA glue. Here are the photos - OC.
  9. Right then folks I got my mojo back and had a bash on the ole girl, I got may bag with all my bits and pieces and set up on the table, I decided the job of the day was to start on the base and pedestals, first I had to take them off the plastic frets and join them together, then I ligned them up on the base and drilled through the base to take the pedestal lugs, after doing this and getting a good fit - I put a bag around the base and pushed the pedestals into the holes with a plastic bag covering the base. Then it was outside with my black rattle can and a few coats were applied, af
  10. Right then my fellow followers and onlookers - I have cleaned the dinning room table (well mrs OC has) and I moved the ole girl from the shelf (with all her dust) then at the table I gave her a few careful blastw with a hairdryer to move the dust, "job done" I examined her and all is well just as I left her (what about 10 years ago) So - I have made a possitive step, she is on a cleared table now ready for my attention Tomorrow folks - tomorrow. OC.
  11. Now thats added an extra dimension to the build, if you can paint them fairly well they will bring the build alive like dafi HMS Victory build with all his little sailors. OC.
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