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  1. This is an Amazing build and closer to me than anything I have ever seen or followed, Devonsire Class was always my favorite ships and when I was quite young I had the chance to go over Devonshire at Portsmaouth Navy Days in 1976, what an experiance, this fuled my love affiar of the Navy and led to me spending a week at Collingwood when I was 15, as a work experience course - I went through the week with flying colors, and a year or so later I applied to join as a WEM first class, with the hope and dream of serving on a type 42, but alas I failed the entrance exam only slightly on my ma
  2. WOW I spent many years loving the Devonshire class even went over her at Pompy as a lad. OC.
  3. Great work, that main mast looks so like the one on my Warpy (when I het round to continuing) OC.
  4. Finished in a week! are you crazy man look how long mine is taking me......... OC.
  5. Looking great mate - your attention to detail is amazing you have this knack of making the hardest thing look easy, and the end result is perfection. OC.
  6. Hola onas deas bueno mucho bueno - magnifico, thats about all I can say in spanish. OC.
  7. SUPERB Work, I have to be honest, I cheeted with my Orks - I used the main plastic barrel arrangements and used the PE shields with them, then fitted them inside the tubs but with the PE Amo baskets - doors etc. OC.
  8. Loving the detail with the PE, I often wish some PE would come pre assembled like the Pom Poms or other complicated assemblies, surely companies like Pontas with all thier experience could do that - IM sure it would help a few of us with less tahn stella eyesight or dextrus fingers. OC.
  9. Craig I appologise if I came across like I was critisizing the lovely work you have done - I wasn't as she is looking superb an a credit to you and your craftmanship, I just thought I would offer what I had read when studying British RN Battleships of the period when building my Warspite. OC.
  10. Looking really smart. Craig I was a bit confused with the color question at first as I had seen pictures of here in that mixed camo scheme, however what I will say is - almost all RN battleships used three main colours AP507A(RN Dark Grey) AP507B(RN Medium Grey) AP507C(RN Light GRey) I would have heonestly thought that she would have looked similar to Hood at the time with AP507B hull sides and sides of superstructure, and with AP507A on all tops and steal decks. Just my understanding of RN ships of the time. OC.
  11. Fantastic work craig those pom poms just look so fine and perfect, I have the same with my pontos bits and the Master barrels I brought when I brought the warspite. Keep up the great work you are doing OC.
  12. Hi folks thought I better say something on my build - well, I am still having quite bad hand problems from my condition that tbh seems to be not getting any better, even using my laptop is painful as resting my left hand and using the left key is pressing on the painful areas, flipping cant win, there isnt mutch I can do for it as its a guide and tendon problem and short of having major hand surgery, there is no way to treat it. Anyway enough of my moaning and to say that I will try to do some more to my build, even in little steps (Im feeling left out folks and miss the chat)
  13. Do the whole wood deck in one strip before cutting in sections, thats what I would do, also try applying with a cloth so you control more evenly. OC.
  14. Great to see another plastic build on here and a mighty british one at that, I will be following with great interest OC.
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