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  1. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. Now for the other side of the hull. Pat and Geoff, I hope to have that finished so that I can bring the model along to the next club meeting. Its amazing the sense of satisfaction that you get from doing something like this isn't it. Easy to see why it is so addictive. Cheers Rod
  2. Hi Sjors, I would love to start on the Aggie tomorrow but as they say, you must walk before you run. I am very much a beginner and need to get a few easier models under my belt and gain a lot more experience before I tackle such a big and complex build. Thanks for the encouragement though.
  3. Hi David, Great idea using the exacto chisel to simulate the butt joints. Looks perfect and so much easier. I have those exact razor blades from my tool store so will give them a go and see if I cant clean up the deck a little. I used a cabinet scraper that I had from years ago but I think it needs sharpening. Thanks for the tips. Cheers Rod
  4. Hi George, Your Aggie looks brilliant. Its so good to see so many build logs for this kit. Keep the photos coming. All the best Rod
  5. Beautiful workmanship Pierre, I will be watching closely as I have this kit and hope to start it once I get a few more easier models under my belt. Cheers Rod
  6. Hi Sjors, Another great Aggie that I will be watching as it takes shape. By the way, do you have shares in the Proxxon company? lol. Cheers Rod
  7. Hi Pat, Glad to see your progressing again after your little mishap. Out of interest did you spray or brush on your clear coat on your hull? Cheers Rod
  8. Hi Mike. What a beautiful build. I am watching a number of Aggie builds on the forum. With so much information on hand I should have plenty of tips when I get around to starting mine in 2 or 3 years time. All the best. Rod
  9. Hi Mobbsie, Your ship is simply stunning. I have this kit but it will be a while before I have the skills and experience to make a start on it. I have printed out this entire build log for when I do start it. (just in case all the site content is lost again). Who needs instructions when you have a build log like this. THANK YOU. Rod
  10. Hi David, I will be watching closely to see how you deal with the plastic boats. I hope you don't mind if I copy your companionways. They look so much better than the way the instructions say to do it. Also how did you simulate the caulking on your deck planking? It looks very neat, especially the butt joins. I did mine with a 6B pencil but I found that the graphite got into the grain on the timber. I guess it gives it a more weathered appearance but the rest of the boat will look brand new. Cheers Rod
  11. I still cant believe that this is your first model! Your workmanship is simply outstanding. What's your next model Ollie? Cheers. Rod
  12. Didn't get to go fishing today. My wife had other ideas so in between lots of household chores, I managed to finish the second planking on the starboard side of the hull. I ran into a bit of trouble as I neared the end and the last plank had so many undulations in it to fit the final gap, that it looked more like a snake than a plank! I cant believe how long this took me. Either I'm just very slow or there is a simpler way that I'm yet to figure out. I've given it a rough sand but will wait until I've done the other side before doing a final sand. In the DVD instructions it says to gi
  13. Finally managed to find some time to continue with my hull planking. After doing the "easy" planks I had to begin the tapering process. I divided the remainder of the hull up into three sections using a planking batten as suggest in the article on MSW and this seemed to make it a bit easier. After what seemed like 5 hours I had completed a grand total of 10 planks! I hope I get faster at this! Anyway, I'm pretty happy with the way its turning out. After a good sand it should come out pretty smooth. If its raining tomorrow, I wont be going fishing so hopefully can finish off this side of
  14. Hi David I'm building the same kit but for me it's a first build so it's great to see your photos and how you've deviated from the kit instructions. Your model looks really nice. Cheers Rod
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