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Sultana by Hopeful - Model Shipways - Scale 1:64 - Bashed Kit

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Ah, haven't realized until today that this little beauty was back online :)


Good to see you back here David!

Keep it up mate :D

Happy modelling!




Current build: Atlantica by Wintergreen

Previous builds

Kågen by Wintergreen

Regina by Wintergreen

Sea of Galilee boat, first century, sort of...

Billing Boats Wasa


Kågen (Cog, kaeg) by Wintergreen - 1:30Billing Boats Regina - 1:30Billing Boats Dana

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David, having seen your post in the Full Profile Photograph of your Sultana, just had to post how amazed I am at your build. You make this look so easy and the clean lines and the perfection of your build is just amazing..... Just almost makes me want to drop the cross section and pull my Sultana of the shelf so that they may have something of a lower grade to compare yours to.


:pirate41:  :champagne-popping-smiley-emotic

Triton Cross Section 1:32






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B.E. (Blue Ensign), Hakan (Wintergreen) and, Pete 38: You guys are great builders. Thanks for the encouragement!!!


Ok, here is where I am with the build....pushing to finish the work on the hull. If I had a magic wand it would finito!






Thanks for looking in on the build. All questions, comments, and constructive criticism is always appreciated.





Hopeful aka David


“there is wisdom in many voices”

Edited by hopeful
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Your Sultana is shaping up nicely.  A word of advice,  make it so that you can repalce your bowspriit.  I have found over the years that accidents will happen all the time.  This way you can take care of any mishaps down the road.  Speaking from several bad experiences.

David B

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That looks very sturdy. I hope that rubber band does not do any damage to the hull though.



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You can download it from Model Expo's website. Go to their website and choose Model Shipways kits in the lefthand side of the screen. Now choose solid hull kits. Next choose the Sultana. Click on documents when you get to the Sultana kit. The practicum is in several parts, but you can download each part to your hard drive and then print it out as needed.



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Very nice....


Current Current Builds:

US Brig Niagara on my website


New Bedford Whaleboat - page on my Morgan Website:  http://www.charleswmorganmodel.com/whaleboat-build-log-by-john-fleming.html

C.W. Morgan - Model Shipways 1:64 http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/1785-cw-morgan-by-texxn5-johnf-ms-164-kit/

USS Constitution - Revell 1:96 http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/1796-uss-constitution-by-texxn5-johnf-revell-196-kit/


website US Brig Niagara Model http://www.niagaramodel.com

website Charles W Morgan Model http://www.charleswmorganmodel.com

website PROXXON DISCOUNT TOOL STORE http://proxxontoolsdiscount.com

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