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Olympic 470 by DSiemens - Bottle - Finished

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This is a quick little build I had to do in a hurry.  Eventually I plan on doing another one.  Any way here's the story.  A member of the European Ship in Bottle association reached out to ship in bottle builders in another forum and asked for help with a special project.  The Royal Yacht Association was holding a ball to raise money for the British sailing team.  The ball included an auction.  The association wanted memorabilia signed by the athletes that could be auctioned off.  Some one had the idea of getting a bunch of ships in bottles together and having the sailors sign the sails.  So the association reached out looking for modelers who could quickly put some ships in bottles together.  They got plans together and sent out sails for the boats we were to build.  I had originally thought about doing a star class since I think they are great looking boats but since those were no longer in the Olympics I went with the 470 which is pretty close to the star.  The sails I received were signed by Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark.  Both incredible athletes and great sailors.  



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I carved this hull two or three times trying to get it right.  It's got some interesting curves.  I couldn't find any rel plans for it so I had to rely on a lot of photos and make my best guesses.  






Behind this is my original sail plan.  It was scrapped when actual sail plan came in as was this carved boat.  The plans I received with the signature were a tad smaller.  Enough though that I had to start over.  

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Painted Hull.




Here's a shot with some more details and the signed sail plan.  



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I got creative on the painting.  I went with a mixture of the London 2012 olympic look updated to Rio 2016.  At this point I don't know what the Rio boats will look like.  




Boat ready for bottling.  I used some real thin thread for the stay lines.  The cables on the real boats are very thin.  Also the lines used in the boats are all sorts of different colors.  I assume it's so the can quickly know which line is which.  This added some fun contrast to the boat.   







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Oh yeah.  If your wondering how it's hanging in mid air I ran the fore stay up through the top of the mast instead of through the bow like I usually do.  It goes to show how thin the thread I used is.  


Bottling didn't go quiet as well as planned.  The sail came loose and I had to try to get it back together in the bottle. It didn't quiet make it but after messing with it for three hours I figured it was as good as I could get it.  I contemplated taking it out and redoing it but with such a tight deadline I left it as is.  I know what I'll do differently with the next one when ever I get around to it.  









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Wow.. super nice masterpiece, Daniel.   I trust it's on it's way, then?   

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Thanks Patrick.


Mark it's off and sold already the ball was on July 4th. I'm still waiting to hear back on how it all went.

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Exceptionally clean, simple and very beautifully executed.  Kudos to you Daniel.



Piet, The Flying Dutchman.


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Lovely job, I don't have any details yet, however a quick email from Alan R says that there were 15 SIBs donated, including a number from outside of UK. Over £2000 was raised and the SIBs 'caused a lot of conversation' at the ball. I'll make a point of obtaining some phots and uploading them.


Many thanks again


I'll be finishing off my own build log soon.





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Thanks Alan and Piet. I would like to see photos of the ball if you have any.


I'm happy to note too that Hannah Mills and Saskia Clark won gold in Rio. Makes this build all the more special.

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Nice Work, Well done she looks great 

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