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Finding the center of a dowel

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Machinists use several different tools for this. Look up squares in any metal working catalogs. One type is a Center Square. Another is a Combination Square. The usefulness of each type would depend on the dowel size. The Combination Square would work for all sizes, but can be a little awkward for really small dowels.


Below is a picture of a Center Square.


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If you find that your dowel is too small to be used with this tool, you can insert the dowel in a tube (inner diameter tube = outer diameter of dowel).


Make sure you mark the centerline using a very fine marker (the finer the better), and rotate the dowel at least 3 times.  That way you will obtain a very small triangle which denotes the center.


Good luck


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Just find something with a thickness about half the diameter of the dowel (Wood, metal, card or plastic will do).  Place it on a bench with the end of the dowel against it.  Draw a line across the end of the dowel using the guide.  Repeat, rotating the dowel about a third of a turn each time (no need to be too accurate).  You will have three lines drawn on the end of the dowel either marking the centre (if your guide was exactly half the diameter) or a small triangle that will allow you to estimate the centre quite easily and accurately enough for model work.  No need for special tools!

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