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Bosphorus Sandal by aydingocer - FINISHED - Tersane Model - Scale 1:16 - Classic Turkish fishing boat

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Hello Dear fellow forum members,


Having finished my Riva Aquarama and waiting for the days with better weather (read: summer) in Finland to take it to her maiden voyage in water, I have now switched my attention to building a model of a classical yet beautiful boat from my homeland, Turkey. 


Here are some bullet points about the kit:


  • I am actually glad to notice that this model is not new to this forum. Here is a nice blog from an earlier build, by kutaykara: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/5571-bosphorus-sandal-by-kutaykara-finished-tershane-model-scale-116-1950-classic-turkish-boat/?hl=bosphorus
  • I don't think that the kit is widely available worldwide. I ordered it from a Turkish model boat website www.maketistan.com. The price is a little bit less than USD.100.
  • I actually built this kit about 10 years ago (see my signature) but this time I wanted to make it better and also have a blog of it.
  • I had met the designer of the kit, Mr. Kudret Altinkeser, who is a pioneer dedicated his life to model boats, in his atelier in Istanbul. He has designed several other great kits from Turkey commercially available.
  • The kit is 1:16 scale, 44,3cm x 11,8cm x 9cm in dimensions.

Throughout the build I will try to give more facts about this nice boat as much as I can. 


Now some photos and start of the build, but first of all unboxing:


This is outside the box




Accessories, in their own set plastic bag:




Wooden strips:



Laser cut parts in plywood sheets:










Instruction manual consists of 2 piles of stapled A4 sheets (Credits Kudret Altinkeser): One of them contains step by step instructions and the other one includes photos. Even though the instructions are only in Turkish, I believe the photos give enough guidance for any modeller with a moderate level of experience. 








That's all. Build starts with the next post.

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Build day 2 - Construction of bulkheads and keel


The boat has its own building slip to help work accurately and easily. 








Two pieces in the middle are there temporarily to ensure vertical alignment. These pieces will be glued to either ends of the slip later on:






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One quick observation with the laser cut plywood sheets: Laser cuts do not always go all the way through the other side of the plywood. In such cases you'll have to use your knife to be able to remove them smoothly:




Bulkheads removed and cleaned:




Bulkheads placed on the building slip, as addressed in the instructions. No glues used here:




Keel inserted into bulkheads, fixed using super glue:




Bulkheads tapered where needed:




Some sections of the bulkheads will be removed later, once planking has been complete. These sections are indicated with pre-cut dotted lines on them. Those sections have been covered with masking tape to make it easier to detach from the plank strip. Instructions also say you alternatively use wax on those sections:



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Planking starts.


According to the instructions, the most realistic way of proceeding is to use two strips per row, starting at both ends and meeting in the middle. This is apparently how the boats are build in real. The "middle" will vary at each row between bulkheads 6 and 7. So, if the 2 strips of the first row meet at bulkhead 6, the strips in the row below it will meet in bulkhead 7, the next ones at bulkhead 6 .. and so on.


The first planking has been the trickiest, even though it didn't need any tapering. The thing is that they can be glued only in both ends (since I cannot glue it on the bulkheads and I want to avoid using nails as much as I can). Starting from the 2nd row, it gets easier since now you can glue the strip to the one above it. 












This is the end of Build Day 2.

5:30 hours in total so far.

Thanks for watching.

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  • 1 month later...

Build Day: 3

1:30 hours today, 7 hours in total.


After a break of trips, holidays and Christmas, I continued today with planking.


Glued 3rd row of planking strips in both sides. These are a bit critical ones since they are actually almost the first ones to get the support from the bulkheads. The 2 rows of strips above are mostly glued only to the keel and are barely touching the bulkheads, which will be removed later. That's why these 3rd row planks have also the task to support the two strips above them as well. For that reason, after gluing them I stopped to ensure I wait until they are fully dried and settled.




Thanks for watching.

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  • 1 month later...

Build Day: 4-5

5 hours in two days, 12 hours in total.


Looking at my latest post, it has been a while. It has just been work, some trips and other stuff, so luckily nothing bad to prevent from building. 


Anyway, here is the progress.


The strips need to be both tapered in order to sit flush with the strip above it (as usual method) as well as made thinner, in order to sit in the rebate, at the ends:






This way they ft quite nicely in their positions:



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First planks to be glued on the bottom. They will rest on the keel from the sides with an angle therefore it is essential to chamfer these strips along the edge with an angle:






Following this rule, they sit quite nicely on their positions, after a little bending and warping with the plank bender:



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Build Day: 6-7

4 hours in two days, 16 hours in total.


I have managed to finish hull planking in these two days.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time for rough scraping and first sanding of the planking.

After sanding it will be filling the gaps with wood filler and fine sanding.


Maybe so far there was nothing too special to show, but after the hull has been completed I hope to show you fellow forum members more exciting (or at least interesting) stuff on this beautiful Turkish boat so keep following.;)


Here are some photos of progress. Thanks for watching.












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Build Day: 8

Continuing with filling and sanding of the hull. The entire hull will be painted on the outside therefore you don't need to care too much about the filling material showing.

I used the same white wood filler as in my previous project (i.e. Riva Aquarama. Except in that one I had used it only on first planking)



Waiting for a couple of hours and then sanding:


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Then, it is time rip off the bulkheads from the lines indicated. They come half pre-cut and as I mentioned I had put masking tape on those sections which will be removed, where the plank strips rest on, so that it would be easier to rip off.


This is a bit a rough job where you use violence at some points, but overall the process went well. Sometimes I had to be cautious so that I did not rip all the part at once but instead ripped it piece by piece (see photos)



For example here I break the bulkhead piece by piece until I reach the line:




Quite an amount of rubble:


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Deck sheets. They are aft and stern decks, walls, seat in the middle etc. The sheets come with fake lines to simulate planking and you can leave them like that if you like but I wanted to go for real. I found some leftover 1x5mm strips and I will use them to plank.




Planking starts:




End of build day: 8

3 hours today, 19 hours in total.

Thanks for watching.

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Build day: 9

4 hours today, 23 hours in total.


Today I continued planking the front and rear decks plus front deck wall.

Strips used:

Main planking : 1x5mm,

Middle of the lids: 1x4mm

Frames of the lids 2x2mm (inner part), 1x3mm (outer part), the outer part strip is glued on its 1mm edge, hence it is higher than the lid's middle area.


With the one in my previous post, they are altogether 4 pieces.












Thanks for watching.

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Build day: 10 


I noticed after preparing the decks that the panels had returned back to their warped shape even after planking them. This is really annoying. Check the photos below to see. Especially in the rear deck (left side of the photo below) it forms large gaps in the sides and does not sit on the bulkheads properly. Morevoer, I had already glued the front deck :angry:








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There is no option for me but to rip the decks off and plank straight on the bulkheads. There is no hope trying to reuse the decks. So I found suitable strips (slightly thicker to compensate for the thickness of the plywood deck guide) from my older stock and started planking right on the bulkheads. Note I used walnut planking on the front wall just for a change of taste.







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Front deck top, wall, cabinet cover and ribs are in place.

It will be complete once I have installed the 1x2mm strips along the edges of the deck and the wall in order to cover the gaps.






End of Build day: 10

3 hours today, 26 hours in total.

Thanks for watching.

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Build day: 11 - Floorboards


I wanted to move a bit ahead and make the floorboards today. I could have continued with installing the "ribs" but I just wasn't up to do extensive strip bending work, mainly because I would have to use hot electric bender in order to avoid dents and bites. 


So, first step: Cut off the 1:1 scale drawing from the plan sheet and take a copy of it:







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