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Santa Maria by Pierretessier - Marisstella - 1:60

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Santa Maria by Pierre Tessier - Maris Stella - 1:60

This is a Christmas gift from my son, I promised myself I would finish the Batelina before starting this one. Now that my first build is complete and my shop is clean I can begin my second build and build log here on MSW.
I must mention that I was pleasantly surprised when I met Zoran from MarisStella, here online. He saw that I was building the Batelina and noticed I posted that I had the Santa Maria on the shelf. He got in touch with me and mentioned that he was in the process of re-writing the build manuals for the latter, and offered his re-wright.
This would allow, help, a beginner to go about the proper way of building this kit. Also must point out this is single layer POB construction.

Maris Stella School of Model Ship Building has categorized this as a "Beginner Set: Level 3" which according to them should be your 5th build. I am in no way an expert nor do I feel I am better then others but thought this would be a great 2nd build as I do like challenges. Hopefully I did not bite off more then I can chew. (If I do I have Zoran to help....lol)

Now about the box, two full size plan sheets, two plywood laser cut parts, two hardwood laser detailed bits and parts, full stock of beautiful walnut and mahogany wood planks, strips and dowels, bag of hardware including canons, guns, hinges, bags of wooden bits, anchor, rope, carving block for 2 small boats and pre sown embroidered sails, expert build manual. (Beginner manual being written as we speak) 

Kit box closed

Kit box open

Kit box stuff


Plan 1

Plan 2


First step to do according to manual is to take inventory of supplied wood.

Lumber yard (bundled as per material list.)


Next I built the stand with an. 11.4mm incline at the bow. This is to allow proper alignment of the bulkheads when using a square.

Stand plan

Stand keel 11.4mm offset


90' without offset   --- 90' with offset


Plywood Elements


That's it for now, next I will post the work to be done to prepare the keel for the bulkheads.  Did I say how much I am enjoying this hobby, So looking forward to building and learning more I'm like a kid learning to walk for the first time.....lol...anyway until next time.




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A little update.

Here I had to prepare the bulkheads before glueing them to the keel. First was to extend the deck lines with a pencil then add little deck mount blocks, followed by the addition of two deck beams that were bent using water then heat. 






Not much but I am taking my time, reading ahead, making sure I understand why each step is done. I probably don't need to mention this to the experienced builder but always looking ahead is the way to success. In my books anyway.


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I've been busy doing some work on the bulkheads. Traced them on paper before assembly. This step will be useful in the future when the external supports need shaping. I could of used the negative from the plywood cut out just as well. 





Did a lot of prep on the bulkheads looking at the drawings and plans trying to imagine the next steps. Dry fitted all bulkheads, made sure every deck level lined up and that everything was square.







Here you can see how the decks line up nice and square.




Once all was squared off and measured over and over I was able to mark the stern deck support, allowing to shape and glue before final assembly.





I was not happy with my original deck support on bulkhead #2 so I decided to reshape another piece. Much nicer I would say!






Back in position and re check alignments, 



A close up of the deck allighnments before glueing together. Took a lot of time here making sure everything lined up perfectly. 





All glued up. Hope I did not forget any steps. 











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Thanks for the words of encouragement, and likes. Now that the bulkheads are dry and everything is lined up properly it was time to add some supports to help lock the hull before fairing. I decided to use bass wood as it is a bit harder then balsa. I began by glueing stock board I had to make up the blocks needed to create the supports, I then dry fitted them to make sure there was no twisting action.





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Have to mention that I am building this kit as Zoran (from MarisStella)  is sending me updates to his manuals. Did I mention how helpful Zoran has been, very polite and usually replies within 24 hrs. Have to remember the time difference. OK enough with the shameless plug, back to the shipyard.

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Thanks for the kind words. For those following, a little update, I did some preliminary panelling on both sides at the stern and bulkhead 11. Next I started fairing the blocks at the bow, this is a slow going process. 




Not much to look at I know but this step takes time. You know what they say! "The foundation to a good planking job starts with proper fairing of the hull. "

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Little update, been a while since I’ve done any work on the ship. Had a little health issue I’m dealing with. I’m now looking at returning to the shipyard. I need to set things up workbench wise then I need to find and study the build from were I left of. Zoltan sent me some updated build details that will greatly help moving forward. Hoooing to start posting soon. Looking forward to returning.

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