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San Francisco II by mtbediz - FINISHED

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Thank you Trufo and Anthony. 

12 hours ago, AntonyUK said:


Nice build. 

If it helps with the plank bending .... try a shot of whiskey in the glass before use.

Will follow along with your build. And watch the progress as she grows.


Regards Antony.

Yes Anthony :) my another friend has given that advice too and i am planning to apply this in my next bending process :)

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On 15.12.2017 at 5:50 PM, ragove said:

Beautiful model.  Also a great example of why one can never have too many clamps!

Thank you for visiting my log Ragova. The clapms help me a lot in planking because i only use white glue which needs time to dry.

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I haven't done anything on my build for long time. I got retired and returned back to my homecity. I prepared my balcony as a shipyard :) to continue my builds. I am sharing what i did on my San Francisco II in last month without comment and i will continue to share developments. I just want to state that altough kit plan does not contain second layer of planking on the hull i did second layer (0,5 mm of mahogany) beause i didn't like first layer. 
















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13 hours ago, Warnerade said:

What do you need pictures of exactly? I am currently building this same model but it has been upgraded recently and now comes with a PDF of detailed pictures for each step, I'd be happy to post some screen shots for ya.

Thank you very much for your attantion. Yes, i have found new version online intruction manual of AL San Francisco kit and pictures are detailed. There is nop problem right now.

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