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Hello friends. After a long Summer break I have started building the US Frigate Essex. I used Aeropiccola's kit plan (which is already on the internet) to cut the bulkheads and the bulkhead former. I modified stern section of the bulkhead former according to Model Shipways' Essex kit plan and I added stern frames. I do not have a detailed plan so I will mostly make use Bob's (Rafine) Essex build log on MSW. Many thanks to Bob in advance. He did a great job on her and detailed build log.


Here are the first pictures.











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Thank you so much for the likes. I am back in the shipyard after a short holiday with my mom in the neighbour city. I completed gun port frames and painted them scarlet. I completed stern planking and started planking of the upper hull. I am using 1,5x5 mm of Spanish cedar strips in the upper hull and stern planking.







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I'm a little late, but I'll be following along. My Kate Cory is getting close to complete and I'm looking for my next build. I have an old Model Shipways 1/8" scale Essex kit from the mid '80's in the closet...The machine carved hull and the plans and instructions are probably all that's left that's useful. The rest would be scratch. I'm not sure I'm ready for such a build, but I'll be following here looking for tips and inspiration. 

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Just checked in on your build Mustafa.  She looks very well made.  I hope you don't mind me asking, but as you have not yet finished the knee of the head, will you be tapering it up and down as well as fore and aft?  It should go down to about 6" wide (or maybe less) at the forward edge near the top and then widen as it goes down and as well as towards the stem.  


Great work!!



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