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Well, as long as I'm posting today about needing some Syren 5/52" Swiss pear single blocks, I thought I'd also take the time to offer some kits that I have on hand.


I've been realizing that I just have way too big a stack of Woody Joe ship model kits, all brand new in the boxes. I'm cutting down the stack, though I will still have something like a half dozen to build!


Two kits are still available: Yakatabune mini-kits, 1/75-scale Kanrin Maru w/sails. While they all have well illustrated instructions, please keep in mind that what text there is it's in Japanese. 


I don't really NEED to sell these, but I'm not getting to them any time soon. I've listed some of them on Amazon.com, but I'm offering them here for a bit less. Please contact me for more information, photos, options.



Yakatabune mini-kits (1 sold, 1 still available)

Length 210mm
Width 49mm


$45 + shipping






Kanrin Maru w/sails, 1/75 scale


The Kanrin Maru was built by the Dutch at the request of the Japanese Shogun, becoming her first screw steamer and her second steam warship, the first being the paddlewheel corvette Kanko Maru (ex-Soembing). Kanrin Maru became the first Japanese navy ship to visit the United States as an escort for the Japanese embassy, arriving in San Francisco on March 17, 1860.


Aboard the ship was then Lieutenant John M. Brooke, who with a handful of American sailors, was instrumental in the ship's successful navigation across the Pacific. The details of the journey are chronicled in the book John M. Brooke's Pacific Cruise and Japanese Adventure, 1858-1860.


With the model kit, I'll add a copy of the kit review I wrote in Ships in Scale a couple years ago. Also, since I'm already building another identical kit, I can share my research on the subject and some construction photos.

Length 820mm
Width 203mm
Height 487mm

$320 + shipping











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Let me add that with the Kanrin Maru kit, I'll add a copy of the kit review I wrote in Ships in Scale a couple years ago. Also, since I'm already building another identical kit, I can share my research on the subject and some construction photos.


Also, with the Nippon Maru, I'll include a CD with the photos (over 200 I think) I took aboard her sister ship, Kaiwo Maru. There are some various small differences between the two, but the photos should provide some useful details.


You can always access my Wood Joe Kit Builder's Guide on my shipmodeler blog. Just hover over the Resources menu, scroll down to Shop Notes and choose Woody Joe Kit Builder's Guide. I just looked at it again and realized there's something I should add about identifying parts. So, I'll probably be updating it in the next month or so.



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Hi Druxey – It would be harder to part with them if I didn't have so darned many of them!


I actually have another Kanrin Maru kit that I've been working on (was working on when I had more time), and I plan to eventually build the Nippon Maru, just not right now. While Woody Joe seems to limit production and sell a kit until they run out, I think these should be available for a while yet. Also, I still have a Charles Yacht, another Hacchoro, another Higaki Kaisen, the Kanrin Maru kit I mentioned, a Sir Winston Churchill, an old line (before laser-cut production) Sengokubune and an out of production Kitamaesen to build. I've been thinking I really should add a couple of these to the sales list too.


But, in fact, if nobody wants to buy any of these kits, I won't exactly be heartbroken!



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Thanks for the kind words, Craig. I hope you enjoy the kit. Will you be posting your build here on MSW?



In the meantime, I still have one of the Woody Joe mini-Yakatabune kits and also the Kanrin Maru kit available if anyone is interested. 




If you're curious about the Kanrin Maru kit and the original warship, I have several posts on the subject on my blog: 



And, if you're curious about the Mini-Yakatabune kit, I also posted some info about my earlier build on my blog:





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