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42ft Longboat Armed for War 1834 by Eddie - SMALL - Scale 1:36

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Hey howya goin all, this will be my third build log of a ship and will be my first scratch build of a boat.   :bird-vi:


I will be starting this build when I get my scroll saw which will be nere the end of june and the timber not to long after that if I stop been lazy and finish the list of timber I need, I was thinking of using Walnut , I plan on making two of these one with the cannon on it and one with sails on it.


Longboats are designed to be carried by warships; they are stowed on the upper deck between the gangways, resting on chocks fastened to the deck. With the longboat aboard, the barge is placed inside it, while inside the bargeis the cutter. The longboat's thwarts are removable, allowing the barge to be stowed more snugly. Longboats are the ship's boats most commonly used in the Navy for transport of the heavier loads so frequently required by the warships. Their broad, generous lines are suitable for the diverse tasks which they are called upon to perform: carrying the anchors, a common task when mooring, shore duties, watering parties, carrying stores when the ship is in service.


From time to time however they may participate in more warlike activities: harbour defense or the protection of landing troops and raiding parties. Under these circumstances, they are sometimes armed with a single gun, an 18-pdr, 24-pdr or even a 36-pdr. It is then that they are described as "armed boats", and it is this arrangement which is to be seen in this model. 


It should be noted that there is a distinction to be drawn between armed boats and gunboats: despite the large gun carried by the former on the thwarts, it remains a classic ship's boat, whereas gunboats are larger in size, are frequently decked, and may carry several guns.


So heres what I got so far.








The one with the sails I'm making I had to order the plans for the sails separately as they don't come in English like the other plans I will be scanning the French language manual into my computer mybe a PDF file and copy and paste it to Google translate to translate them to English.





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31 minutes ago, aviaamator said:

Eddie! I wish You much success!

Hey howya goin Aviaamator mate, thank mate, I just edited in more info on the boats if you like to read it.   :bird-vi:


18 minutes ago, WackoWolf said:


I am pulling up a chair.


Hey howya goin Joe mate, thanks for joining in I hope you got the beer, I just edited in more info on the boats if you like to read it.   :bird-vi:

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Hey howya goin all, Iv'e started to cut the moulds for the frame work, after I riped the ply I realize that the strips of ply won't fit into my cross cut sled so I have to make a bigger one tomorrow. As I'm making two boats I decided to make 2 moulds. 


I have to print 24 plans so cut out the individual shapes and stick them to the ply pieces instead to shape the moulds. Heres alittle trick for some of you for when you are making scratch build frames instead of printing out the frames on plain paper, print them out on A4 size postage labels that already have one sticky side that way you don't have to put glue on the frames and when you go to pull the paper off have to deal with all that glue to sand off.    :bird-vi:










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Hey howya goin all, I've printed out the templates and have started to cut them up and stick them to the mod pieces, I had to do them in two parts as I don't have an A3 printer and when I get my scroll saw at the end of June I can start to cut them out and start shapeing the mods.    :bird-vi:







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Hey howya goin all, I've decide on the timber for the two boats, the one with the canon will be out of Walnut and the one with the sails will be out of Mahogany. Will be ordering the timber in about 3 weeks hopefully.    :bird-vi:


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Hi Eddie - 


I am following along as well and looking forward to your progress.  


The two woods that you have chosen are pretty dark.  You may not like the boat that color.  You can always stain a wood darker, but not lighter.  For comparison, here are two boats that I did, and the lighter one is always the more popular.  


They are in the same scale as your build, 1:36.  The lighter one is stained basswood, the darker is cherry.


Whatever you choose, best of success.





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Hey howya goin all, I've just translated the French pages of the sails guide into English it took about 15 min, you got to love technology and bloody curse it at the same time.    :bird-vi:


If anyone wants the English translation here it is, there might some words that Google translate didn't translate.  Longboat sail Instruction English.pdf 


Oh you will need the three plans to know the sail sizes, mast sizes and the extra bits & bobs that go on the boat you can order the plans from here  http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/Chaloupe_greement/plaquette.htm

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Hey Eddie,


I have the plans for this boat too - it's on my "one-day" list.


In the meantime, here's an extra tip for you with your sticky label paper patterns. Cover your wood with strips of low tack painters tape first (you can get it in Bunnings). That way, the pattern will be much easier to remove after cutting your timber out.

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