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  1. I think that a horder taking that much New Rope from the masses of good Syren modelers should be KEEL HAULED from a good an serviced Warship moored at the Philadelphia naval basin. Bow to Stern
  2. I am very pleased that you and your model will be there. If we have models like yours on display we will have a great show. Tim
  3. Please, who cares whether this is the correct rig or not! This is a damm fine model that I could never do. I admire Druxey’s skill that is the top of the hobby. Lets not over analyze this model to death. It is a great piece of building! Tim
  4. Gary, the Northeast Ship Model Conference will be held this October 2nd, Saturday 2021 at the Port 'N' Starboard Banquet center, New London,CT. It would be a real treat to see your Stonington Trawler at this show. It is one of the finest models that i have ever seen and should be showed. It you are interested please note the web site address (www.usscmsg.org/nsmc). I hope to see you there. Tim Murphy
  5. Chuck, this is great news because your rope is the best out there. I have not seen anything better! Hope we will see new stock at the Northeast Conference. Tim
  6. It looks very good and modelers will use it for other sail models of this period. It does not look rough! It’s quite presentable. One question, why is it on the main deck? Should it not be on the lower berthing deck?
  7. Sorry, To say the only piece of equipment that I have is Byrnes saw. No drill press or milling machine. The saw was expensive enough.
  8. I was always a fan of Horatio Hornblower mini series. I hope this will be as good I am in!
  9. Your build shows your skill and how good a kit Chris at Vanguard has made! Bravo Zulu! Tim
  10. Toni, thank you very much for a very interesting project. Tim
  11. The worst blades are E-xato blades. Your lucky if they hold a edge for two cuts. Excel blades are better. I will look and try SM. Thanks for the info! Tim
  12. I cannot believe the detail that you have done on this ship. It is without question one of the best that I have seen done. You are a great teacher.
  13. Jerry, glad to see your reply. The two club websites would be; USSCMSG.org for the Constition guild. Also, mvsmc.org for the Merrimack (Newburyport) club. Both web sites may be of benefit for you. Also, try the shipmodelsocietyofnewjersey.org. They have a very good web site and they are worth taking a look at. Best of luck Tim Murphy
  14. Glad to see you have joined MSW. We are a bunch of people who like Ships of all types. You can learn quite a bit by roaming the branches of this site. It seems that your in the Boston Area? Have you heard about the Constition Guild or the Merrimack Ship Model Club? You have a group of ship model guy’s who can teach you and also give advice. If you are interested I can send you the E- mail address of these two clubs so you could check them out. Good luck with your builds! Tim Murphy
  15. A really handsome model. She looks equal to many Constitution models that I have seen. I volunteer at the Constitution Museum. BZ Tim Murphy
  16. Michael, watched your lecture at the Ship Model Society of New Jersey. Incredible work, it was a pleasure to see your craftsmanship.
  17. For myself those two future parts will be away off! But, one thing I need to do first is too inventory the kit.
  18. I do have the Kit, so I would also be interested in the group build! Tim
  19. Chuck, it would be ashame to see your bocks and rope go. What you do is the best in the business. I know a couple of professional modelers who like your rope and blocks and use then when they can. Your rope and line is museum grade. As, others have said before me , you need to take a look at your cost. How much is the material. Your cost of fabrication and packaging. Your labor. Your cost of handling and shipping. You need to have a fair profit! We need to have you do what you do the best! You have been the best innovator this hobby has had. From Practiums, Kits, to new innovations. Do what you need to do to keep healthy and well. We need you! Tim
  20. I just got my kit the other day. Took about 8 days to get it from China. Amazing service! This should be a great build. Tim
  21. Cafmodel has done it again. Another great kit! Thank you guys for what you do. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Better New Year. Also for your New Year when it comes up in February. Also, I just ordered the Kit. Thanks Tom! Tim
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