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  1. Just for your info. The copper plates that are used on the Constitution are about 14” x 39”. They are very thin and the plates are preped for nailing by using a machine that goes back to 1856. The operator puts the plate on a sliding tray uses a hand crank to pass the plate down the tray. Nails on the roller punches the plate. The copper nails used are the size of furniture brads. About 7/8’s long the head about a 1/4”. When they attach the plate to the hull they place the plate over felt paper which covers the area of the hull which will be coppered
  2. Please remember that the original plans of the Constitution do not exist. The British took care of that when they burned the Washington Navy Yard. The closest plans that you have of the original USS Constitution are the take off that the British did of HMS President, the captured USS President. Take a look at the RNM and their study of the Ship. This may help you on your study. Tim
  3. Derek, You are no more over your head then I am. The most important part of this build is that you learn something about the Art of shipbuilding. There are many people involved with this build that see it from many different angles. All teach us something! I should know because I am the worst shipmodeler going. Just use this an learn
  4. I also got my set today. Great Christmas gift! Jack does some great work. It took 6 days to get this from China. Amazing! Thank’s Chuck for finding Jack, and thanks Jack for your skill to make these parts. Tim
  5. Chuck, everything looks great. The side frieze design is the best that I have seen. The quarter galleries are works of art them selves. Still lean toward the natural roof, but like the slate color. Side note, I ordered the Boxwood set form Jack three days ago and they are delivering tomorrow. That is unbelievable. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please get some Rest! Tim
  6. The LCS craft are built in Mobile and Wisconsin. Portsmouth Naval Shipyard only refits Attack Boats today. Wish the Navy would build a better Frigate than these LCS. There a waste of money
  7. Richard G. and Chuck, thanks for the held! I was able to order the clamps from Menards Tim
  8. Chuck, the build is looking great. Chapter two of Winchelsea is a great read. I really don’t understand how you do it? Do this type of model building and run your Company. An off the wall question? Were did you get the long neck clamps that you use? I have tried to find them, but no luck! Help please! Tim
  9. Just for general information. Chuck’s videos can be downloaded from YouTube. They are very good. Tim
  10. Thank You Chuck! This is the best thing that you could have done. I think that sight helps us better than words. Tim
  11. I ordered the cherry set because I may want to use a mix of the woods. Planking to be yellow cedar. The deck to be basswood, and trim tobe cherry. Just a idea that I have.
  12. Chuck, Thank You very much for doing this. This helps all of models like my self ( little talent) but love Ship models. Tim
  13. Just started my assembly of the stem. Info is pretty clear. Put the stem together gives me a better idea how large this model will be. Wow!
  14. Ab, Please check the You tube videos that Tom Laurie has done on Silk span sails. He has 3 videos that are very helpful. Also My wife a I were in Amsterdam two years ago. I loved the Rix and the ship gallery. Thank You for what you have done for our Hobby. Sincerely, Tim Murphy
  15. If you want current photos of the stern I could take them and send them to you. Tim
  16. The parts have come and they look great. Chuck, Any idea when you might see the frame sets from Blue Jacket? Tim
  17. I thought the same thing, but that’s not the case. Take a good metal ruler and place it on the group of small square blocks. You will notice that each block is 1/4”. That’s your scale. Tim Murphy
  18. I have two of the three parts on order. Can not wait for you to restock the frame set.
  19. Constitution has been restored to Her 1815 appearance. This is based on Her last drydock period which was 2015 to 2017. Tim
  20. Chuck, I have joined the group an have access to the plans. Can I down load the four pages on to a memory stick and take it to staples and get correct size plans? What do I tell them for a correct ratio? Sorry, I feel really dumb about how to do this. Thank’s Tim

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