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Wasa by Lin Feng - Sergal - 1:60

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Thanks for your nice words. Good sources are the photos from the 1:10 model at the Wasa museum in Stockholm, the book "Vasa I, the Archaeology of a Swedish Warship of 1628" and also the book "Wasa" written by Wolfram zu Mondfeld.

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Unfortunately the treenails are not so visible after the sanding. In the meantime I cut the small window in front of the lower galery, which is missing on the 1:10 model at the vasa museum, but it can be seen on the original. I also made the scupper holes outboards, and the planking of the maindeck. As you can see, there is no system of the planking schema, which wasn't also on the original, according to the research of the museum.


Lin Feng







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nice build!

What finish have you in mind? Even if the treenails are not that much visible now, they might provide more contrast after you apply the finish (Danish oil?) because of their different material and because of the end grain.


Thanks for your message. That's what I have in mind. The Danish Oil is already on stand by. But I will apply the finish later, when all the gluings are completed.

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I am also building the Mantua Sergal Vasa and I am stuck. I  can't figure out how the first layer of planking on the sides meets the first layer of planking at the stern. It seems that they meet in mid air and not attached to anything. Can someone send a close-up picture of how this planking joins together.  A detailed explanation would also help.

Thank you.

Attached is a picture of the Mantua Panart Victory 1:78 scale that I recently completed.




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