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In many build logs people refer to using sanding sticks.


My question are these just sticks made from scrap lumber with sandpaper attached via glue, or are they simply talking about emery boards used for filing nails or both.

Any guidance would be appreciated.



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I like the belt type sanding sticks.  For instance, Lee Valley sanding stick.  MicroMark also sells them.  Belts are a little pricey, but I find that I mostly use the tip, so I just keep moving the belt.  They are rigid, easy to control, have a fairy find end to get into tight areas and they are narrow enough to see what you're working on.  I use them for tapering and beveling planks - I don't even try to use a plane or knife.

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I was browsing the tool shop on the model motor cars  site last week, (link on the forum home page) and ended up placing an order for a bunch of tools, clamps, etc. (great prices and real quick shipping, by the way). I picked up a package of these with my order.




They have already come in handy for me finishing off a mast cap. They'll get plenty of use in the near future as I start work on the whaleboats for the Kate Cory.


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I second the sanding sticks had them for about 6 months still in good shape there cheap.

Also found this flexible foam palm sander at Wal-Mart has 10 pads of different grits held by Velcro is extremely flexible will get into most areas extremely soft and pliable, easy on the wrist and fingers, sanding pads last forever well almost. True value has them as well as Lowe's. Lowe's sander  is a bit bigger and offers only 2 grits 60, 120DSCN2762.thumb.JPG.e205f11f38b289f0f2f02972ef126177.JPG they also have a bigger one shaped like a palm sander. Really one of the best sanding products for the money. The small one at WM $ 5.99 Lowe's bigger one $ 6.00







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John, the one I got in Lowes had 60, 120, and 220 grits for the little narrow sander. Also bought the larger one with 3 grits of paper.


RichVee,  Hobby Lobby also sells those sanding sticks you show in the link.  Come with 2 grits per stick, e.g. 80 - 120, 120 - 220, etc. Just flip the stick over to get the other grit.  Color coded also.

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