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Hi all,well,I am all brand new.I have had a bit of a read of,intro thread,cautionary tales.Looks like I am heading towards an epic fail lol.You know the drill,first wooden boat sorry ship model,most probably cheesy and chunky and not worth anywhere near what I think.That being said ,I was recently steered toward this site as a source of information to be had  from very knowledgeable men  (and women).I recently came across my first wood model,advertised on a craigslist type site and found to be parked up in a garage (carhole).It was part of the estate of an oldschool woodworking gent,he purchased it to carry out some restoration work but never got to it.I bought her because,,,,I have a passion for old things of all types,cars,bikes,pinball machines,petrol bowsers, etc etc ,too many interests.So I came here seeking information about my big boat,sorry ship.


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It certainly is the Vasa,the hull measures from pointy bit to flat end 2 metres,so am figuring when rigged up to be 1:35 scale ?,Is there or was there a kit available that it may be built from ?.(I was thinking along the lines of perhaps Corel also,but am struggling to find any info on this size model).Having asked that I realize  that some detailed pics are required to determine that,they are to follow.Unfortunately some repairs are required to the old girl,many of the detail parts have come adrift,they are mostly lead pieces ,which after a quick check seem to be mostly present  in the accompanying "box o bits".She is also very dusty with some planking showing cracking.So.Many questions to follow.More pics to follow.




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I am still here .Today I cleared a spot on my pool table/storage flat area in the shed. The Vasa is now off the 57 and on the pool table,this big old girl takes up some space that's for sure.With the front sail and mast on she is 2.6 meters long.I started raising all the rigging via stringlines attached to the shed roof to reveal the deck etc.Where do I go from here ? is there such a thing as a restoration log ? plus I have some other technical modelling questions.Thankyou for all input and welcomes to date.





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For a look at other restorations, go to the scratch area and also the kit area and search using "restoration" as your key word.   Some should pop up as there's been more than a few.  You should get some ideas of methods and how-to's..


I'd recommend you open a log which will let us follow along and also you'll find it's a great way to get help and advice as well as make a few friends.

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First of all, congratulations. This is a significant model and should be very rewarding to restore. It's a great looking ship that sank on its maiden voyage.

My suggestion is to do as much research, and listen to as much advice as you can before making a plan of attack, and before picking up tools. Write it out. Put it up on a whiteboard. If you can get to see the original (full size) restoration, at the Vasa Museum in Sweden, so much the better. They are a great source of info. There are also several excellent build logs you can source on MSW and elsewhere.

I would consider carefully removing all the rigging, but take lots of photos, make sketches etc. and make an inventory of all missing bits. After that, it's just a steady process of cleaning and restoring. A lot of people would be interested in your restoration log, including me. Good luck. What could possibly go wrong?

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Hi Bigvasa

Just looking at some numbers online - the Vasa Museum gives:-

1210 tonnes, 

sparred length= 69 m - your measurement 2.6m = approx 1: 26.5

between perpendiculars(?) = 47.5m - your measurement 2.0m = approx 1: 23.75

beam = 11.7m

height = 52.5 m

draft = 4.8m

So a very loose but useful working scale is 1: 25, subject to finding how the museum actually measured theirs, and you refining your measurements.

I have found seven wooden Vasas online. The largest scale is 1: 60, so not even close.

l'm with Backer - what you have is a scratch or semi- scratch model. Beer money well spent! 

Next item is to track down some drawings.

I live in Brittany but am off to Oz tomorrow. There's the Endeavour and the Dyfken replicas to look at. (And beer money to spend!)

Ps. There is some very interesting recent research on Vasas colouring. Red top sides apparently, not blue plus lots of other jolly colours plus gilding.


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The research continues.I took some advice and joined various forums ,and emailed people involved with museums and basically people in model ship "businesses".Gathered some very interesting information on my non accurate,not worth much ,big vasa,from some extremely knowledgeable guys.I thank all people for all comments.For the moment ,I am knocking up a frame/case for the big old girl to provide her a safe environment in my garage/shed/carhole.I am also looking at bathing her in a linseed oil+ turpentine 50/50 mix,this is what I was told would be the way to go.As she is an old model,she is very dry and dusty.Any opinions ?

Next question ...I would also welcome opinion on if it would be best to do some painting and minor mods to make her more accurate,or to leave her as originally built,repairs made and tidied of course,certainly out of respect to the original builder some years ago with what information was available at that time.

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When I built my Vasa, I have attached a few pdfs of the Billings building plans
These were then free and legally downloadable on the site of Billing Boats. 


Maybe you better start a construction log. Then you will find help and advice more quickly.

Good luck with the restauration of your model.


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If your goal is to maintain the historical integrity of the model, then do minimal work... touch up only on painting, repair (preferable) or replacement of parts.  I wouldn't radically change the look as that will change the model (if that makes sense).   If you decide to go all out, then go ahead and don't worry... just follow your heart.

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