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Belgica by ward - scale 1/48 - 1897-1899 - Adrien de Gerlaghe - Finished

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The Belgica, 30 m. long, was a Belgium expedition ship.

He started the voyage on August the 16 in 1897 to Antartica.

after 1 jear of hibernate in the Antartica, the Belgica return out of danger and arivert to Antwerpen on November the 5 in 1899. It was a verry successful scientific expedition.

The crew consist of 19 people. Frederick Cook was the doctor, he is from U.S.A.

you know, the famous Nort Pole Discoverer Amundson Roald ?He was on the Belgica, the second Lieutenant.

About the model of Belgica:

I made my first model of Belgica on scale 1/38, about 20 jears ago. You can view this model in the museum of physics in Brussel, in the Antartica room.

Now I remake the model for my personal ship collection on scale 1/48.

I collect me new detail of the ship, and so I hope to make the most precise model from the realistic ship in 1897.

I begin with build many parts of schip;

The weehouse, compas, ladders, steamwinch........The same I build also the hull. It's a different part of working.


So, it's my first posting here, and I'm sorry for my English spelling. I learn at moment the Englich language at school. I thanks your accept.










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