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USS Missouri by slagoon - FINISHED - SteelGolem - Metal - 1:2400

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Hi guys,

You read it right, it is 1:2400. The finished model is roughly 5 inches long. Crazy? Yep that's me. Lets see how it goes!


Here I'll just show you the kit. I haven't really gotten started yet.















Any votes for my insanity yet?


I can't wait to get into it.

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is popeye criminally insane too?????? cool we should hang out!


This is really tiny - I'm not sure what I was thinking when I bought this kit!


Harvey, no those are a different brand - and much larger scale ;) hehehe this one requires glue - that one just required pliers.


Pete, I found it on ebay. SteelGolem makes a few micro mini sets but most are sci-fi related.



The good thing is I can have EVERY part for this build laid out on my desk and not take up more than 2 sq feet! 


Lets get this build started.

The first thing I did was I put the first deck on the base. (I used gap-filling CA)






Then I put the second deck on the second deck base.





Repeat with the third deck....




hmmmm seeming logical so far.


We're about to get TRICKY!!!!


I put the third deck assembly on the second deck as indicated by the lines.





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Then I made a photo copy of my plans which has the outline of the thick "base" parts so I could sort all my parts that are coming up - some of them are fairly similar.




Next it was time to assemble the 4th deck, which as two pieces as the base and one piece on top. It is pretty weird and cool.






I think that there is actually a passageway between those two main bases...




And now to add the top.




I believe this side view confirms the passageway




Then I had to leave for work.... :( well, more to come tomorrow :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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Gracious!  And here we were thinking the Harriet Lane was a small scale to work at!  This looks like a fun little build - are you going to craft some 16" (scale size, of course) projectiles for the big guns (big is, of course, a very relative term in this case!)?

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Nice start Sarah....


    I have this little kit, and i already built the Truman Aircraft Carrier. It's a lot of fun. They make for very nice display models. I am in the middle of building the milleniun Falcom also....


I  took these models on to teach myself Photo Etch for my 1/350 Nimutz


have Fun

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John, I'm just using CA glue so far. Since I'm sanding the mating surfaces I'm getting a nice strong bond.


Daniel I hope it turns out as good as your tiny models.


Doug, I hadn't either and since I like doing "different things" I knew I had to get them.


Mario, I need photos!!!!!! I want to see the falcon too


Wayne, no ratlines though!!

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I love the Missouri, but I never seen one this small. I got to take  a look and see what they are asking for them on Ebay. I have two 1/192 scale kits of the USS Missouri and most of the PE add-ons. I have all the 40mm guns and all the 20mm guns, rails, port holes and doors also the radar and crane and the whole section for the aft end, this is still on the shelf and one kit is in the back seat of my car, been there since the second week of March, this might be started on sometime in a year or two. I am in no rush to start yet, it is big 55 inches long. But this is cool, got to get one. Keep the pictures coming.

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Uhoh looks like I've been a bad influence again! hehehehehehe

Thanks for looking in guys, and I hope your builds of this lil gal go well :) we'll have the smallest fleet in the world!


I made a little more progress before heading to work today.

I put a facia plate on the back of the 3rd and 4th layer.





Then I put on the next layer with it's top. It has railings so I had to bend those upward







Then the next layer (with more railings)





Because of the limited amount of detail due to this tiny scale this is moving along fairly quickly.


As far as the giant penny, I truly do feel like I am somewhere in alice in wonderland.

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Rebecca, you'd probably be more interested in the other type of metal ship like harvey sent a photo of - these don't require glue (remembering your sensitivity to CA glue)  try black pearl metal ship in ebay and you'll see what I'm talking about - these are SUPER fun.

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hahahaha I hear you . It is tiny. I messed up and had to break my bonds and re-do a few parts. I'll have updates tomorrow. I also realized I missed a bunch of railings. I guess that part would have been useful to include in instructions. Really it is just a diagram that shows where bits go.

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Have a few more photos for you all. I've lost a couple pieces that were as small as the "D" on my penny....

I had to take part of the top portions off since I forgot half of one of my thin decks (The topmost layer with the bullet shape just to the right of my fingers is new.)



then added the three bullet shaped parts back on




Then I realized I again missed a deck and had to go down layers. (see the round thing with the railings? that's new)




Well, I don't remember what this part ended up being, now it just looks like a tiny metal circle...



Here is a TINY deck - the rectangular sections get bent into railings.




and a funnel...



Here is that same funnel and the funnel that goes on top of it on a penny.




and finally a sleuth photo of my husband..... hehehehe shhhhhh don't tell.



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no I think I'll leave it as just metal. Maybe I'll do another someday in the future and paint it. It would be easy to do the camo, I would just flick a brush with paint at it since those tiny blobs would be appropriate to scale ;)

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