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Hello from Ontario

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Hello to all!  I’m a relatively newly retired fellow and a new modeller.  I’ve started on the St. Roch kit a short time ago and have found the builders logs very helpful (a big thank you to those generous modellers).  The Billing Boats Bluenose is on deck and waiting patiently beside my work station.  I’m looking forward to successful builds on those two and then will be researching what to tackle next.  I’d love to take on the HMS Victory or the equivalent when I get a few kits under my belt.  I look forward to getting schooled big time on this site. 

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Mark welcome to this forum and the world of ship modeling. I hope you find it engrossing and worth the investment. There will be anguish and quiet satisfaction along the way. It is part of the journey but always know that is normal.


I have built the Bluenose from the original A.J. Fisher of the 1980s and it was my first endeavor. Yes there was some do overs but the lessons learned carries on . She is a beautiful model.


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Thx Joe.   There’s a whole new world to get up to speed on, lots of thrills and spills to look forward to.  I’ve found at least to two steps members have mentioned on the build logs for the St. Roch that were not included in the plans so the site’s experienced builders have already been a huge help.


Bilge Rat....As to the pipes, there are many better pipers than I on YouTube, but given a dram or two, a video might magically appear.



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