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Byrnes Table Saw

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From my experience I would add the rip fence extension and the miter extension at a minimum. If you have the $$$ add in the sliding table as it allows one to make cross cut parts repeatedly and safely. I have yet to find need for the tilting extension table as a surrogate for the absence of a tilting arbor.


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Agree. The extended rip fence and miter extension are important. I also found the micrometer adjustment very helpful. 

A lot depends on what you will use the saw for. For example if you want to cut planking from expensive wood you might want a zero clearance insert and a slotting blade.

Whatever you purchase the Byrnes equipment is awesome...Moab

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You have made a great choice in saws. I got the Micro Mark and I am very disappointed with it. The fence is terrible. Will be getting the Byrnes for Christmas.....the Admiral just doesn’t know it yet.


Jim Rogers


Damn the Torpedoes , Full speed ahead.   Adm David Farragut.

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I have had mine for 6 years. I love everything about it. I also echo what has been said above. I bought all the extras. I have used them all. But I find I don't really need to tilt table.

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Its a sailor's Life for me! :10_1_10:

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It's an amazing tool. I got everything but the tilting table and use the heck out of it. It's so nice to have it there when you need it to mill those few strips or notch out a beam with precision or whatever you need. You can always get any of the accessories as you need them but the extended fence and miter extension are a must along with a couple of slitting blades. The sliding table is a real gem too.

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Like most others I purchased most all of the “extras”, sliding table, micrometer stop, tilting table etc. the one item I most like is the extended table. Well worth purchasing.

I too had the Micro Mark and Dremel saws. Only wish I’d known about the Byrnes sooner. 

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I'm going to toss this into this topic.   It's very useful and came from a now retired wood supplier.    



Byrnes Saw Operation.pdf

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