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Uhhhhh, hello?

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The slightly balding man gets up from his chair and looks around at the group surrounding him.


"Uhhhh, hello. My name is Adrie."


He stares at his hands then clears his throat.


"I am Adrie," he says again, this time a bit louder. " I am Adrie and I can't do wood."


Uhh, oops, seems to have gotten my desktop buttons mixed up. Thought I was linked to the ModelShipBuilders Anonymous.


But it's true. I can't do wood.


After yet another failure I felt it was time for a change. Out with the wood, in with the card.


Card I can do. Card I can do quite well.


So it's card for me from now on.


And a little bit of plastic on the side. We all like to play dirty, once in a while, no?


So .... here's me, I'm Adrie and I'll be doing card in here.


That is ..... once my card kits arrive, that is. And the glue, and the knives, and the awls, and .... oh yeah, and the SD card. Very important, that. No card, no snapshots to show and we all like our snapshots, don't we? Nudge-nudge, wink, wink.


Pleased to meet you all!





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Good morning Jeff, David, Chris, Mark, Art, Mark(Oz) and Geoff and goedenmorgen to Patrick and Jan.


Thank you for the kind welcomes.


What's in the build stack?


Apart from some Teutonic Knights from Fireforge, which are a 'by-the-by' kinda project, I am planning on starting with a first for me, namely a Man-O-War, the Revenge from Shipyard (1/96). Also expected to appear in the near future are two cruisers from JSC, the HMS Exeter and HMS Ajax/Achilles (both 1/400) to start a 'Battle of River Plate' scenario, for which I really am looking for a 1/400 card model of the Graf Spee.


But that will be a while from now, as doing a build log of a project adds significantly to the building time of a model, as I have noticed when doing a 1/250 card model of the de Ruyter cruiser from the Netherlands for a different website. A project that, almost complete, then met with disaster when a heavy bout of hayfever and a neighbour's cat caused delays and ultimate utter destruction.


The cat is still alive and I moved home since then, by the way.


So that's not gonna stop me again!


Well, famous last words and such.



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Hoi Jan, yep, that's me, well, was me ...... in a previous incarnation. I'm in a much better place now. 😉


Ohh, that's nice of you to say, Chris. I hope I can do them (da skillzz) and the model justice.


Oh, and David? Plasters and bandaids are always around in my household. Just par for the course. You know why? When the last one has been used, you can be CERTAIN you will cut yourself. 😉



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Hey ShipWrong! Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of Ship Modellers Anonymous!


You know, 'the plank' would be the worst punishment for me. Not only do I have a decent fear of water, I also have vertigo. So standing on a wobbly plank with below me only water …. Shudders.


As for card, I mean the cardboard variety, i.e. cereal boxes and such. I'm now working on a galleon from the 16th Century, then someone else (amateur)  is doing a world War 2 cruiser and one of the moderators (Dan Vadas) is building a WW2 tank at the moment. There are some similarities with building with wood, in that the start of the construction is the same, with building a false keel, add some frames then add the planks/ship sides etcetera but it requires a different set of skills. I have the cardbuilding skills, myself, not the woodbuilding skills. Hence I do 'card'.


Have a look on this forum and search for CARD. You'll be amazed with what's been done in card.




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