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New Dutch modeler


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Hi all out there,


my name is Mark Heiden from the Netherlands and new to this forum.

Not new to shipbuilding. I have build several models from Building Boats like a “platbodem”, “zeeschouw” and the Bounty.


i started about 30 years ago with a schratch build model from drawings in a book. It was originally plans of a vessel called “the royal ALbert” but it is modified to match parts from another model. I copied the drawings back in my schooldays and started building on and off. It is now slowly reaching its end with all the lines and runing gear etc.


i have plans for the future to make something called ships camels but that is in a very early stage.


I already looked around at the forum and saw many interesting things and hope to learn a lot here.





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1 hour ago, ccoyle said:

Welcome aboard, Mark! Some of my forebears were Dutchmen from Gelderland. They emigrated to Nieuw Amsterdam around 1650, before the redcoats took over the place. I look forward to seeing your projects! 

Did any of them settle in Nieuw Dorp, Chris ? (aka Hurley NY )  

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1 minute ago, Jack12477 said:

Did any of them settle in Nieuw Dorp, Chris ? (aka Hurley NY )  


Possibly, but most of the ones I am familiar with moved west either to Ohio or Ontario. Some of the ones that went to Ontario, presumably loyalists, eventually wound up back in the States. Couldn't handle the Canadian winters maybe?

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