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New here Just saying hello


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Hello All, 

 My Name is Mike, I joined this forum because there seems to be a lot of very experienced craftsman here willing to share their talents, and for that, I want to thank you all. I have an extreme amount to learn. A little about me; I'm retired with too much time on my hands,  I have loved boats all my life, and love making things by hand. I have been building my own fishing rods and tying my own flies for years. So I have some experience in micro-construction. My ultimate goal is to build a small cruising dinghy 1:1 scale I can use, but I figured it might be a good idea to model several different types to see which style I am most comfortable with before I spring for the lumber to learn the ins and outs of boat building so to speak. The only modeling I have done is a scratch build of a Woodie Hindman 16Ft double ender Rouge River drift boat. It was fun but by no means as good as the examples I have seen here.  If anyone could point me in the right direction for building models of sailing skiffs I would appreciate it.  At present I'm drawn to sailing skiffs in the 12 to 16ft range. something along the lines of a Goat Island Skiff, or a Welsford Navigator. Thanks in advance.

Mike aka "Burnt Toast"




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Great little model there! Being originally from Northern California (the REAL Northern California 😉 ), I frequently saw drift boats in action. Back-trolling from a drift boat is a particularly effective way to fish for salmon and steelhead. I only ever fished from shore and could only look on with a bit of envy.



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Welcome to MSW.

Check out the plans that Wooden Boat Magazine sells for full size boats of the type you are thinking of for your full size build.  Scale down the measurements to a scale you might be comfortable with (my personal recommendation would be 1/12 scale) and where you can actually build the model just like the real boat.  A big savings in materials and time.

Again, Welcome to MSW.



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Thanks for all the nice and welcoming responses. Kurt your suggestion is spot on I think I will give it a try.  Mr.Taylor its a small world l lived in Medford for a short time. Its the first time I ever saw those drift boats also. Mr. Mott, I am honored you would take a look at my little mess. I just lost two hours reading through your Herreshoff Build log, man I got a lot to learn you sir are an artist. Thanks again to all I look forward to being a part of this site.


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