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LCM 3 by svein erik - Trumpeter - 1/35 scale - PLASTIC

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A brake from the syren.

so am doing a side prodjekt,  am  building a lcm3 landing craft  and some other stuff ,

I will also build a LCVP from Italeri 

all this will be put in a diorama based on operasjon Overlord  (D-day)  

Am not there yet  on how the diorama wil look at this time, and how big.

but I think there wil be some waves and bomb to it.

am using airbrush for the painting , the pain I use is from tamiya, washes /pigment from AK

The truck is not finished yet! 









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Thanks everyone for the liks, 

its going farword,  yust over spray it with fx 69 Nato black 

the nex step is to make a mix of sky gray fx 19 and medium blue fx 18

I wil do this in this weekend 😊 some Items is not glued on yet, 

guns etc... am painting this off ship. 

The wire for the ramp is also not on yet, I do that after painting the model. 

The rope wire from trumpeter is crapy , so I use 025 black rigging rope from syrenshipsmodellcompany  (chuck's super rope)

as the ramp wire😊








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Hello everyone, 

I finish the top cotes  and started the weathering , I do have to say am a bit rusty after all the years I bin away 

making plastic model,  I do like wood better its not that messy and I do Not need so many cooler etc

but its a fun projekt,  soon I starting up the syren again🙊🙈




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