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Hello from Germany ....


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Hello from Germany! 


I want to say hello everybody - I am 39 years old coming from Southern Germany near Stuttgart. 

I am  doing scale modeling since I am a young boy, I am married and doing scale modeling as a hobby besides my job, family, friends, our house and - soon - our little 3rd family member coming soon. 


Another hobby is my website (www.world-in-scale.de). I am doing all kind of scale models in nearly all scales (Civil trucks and construction vehicles in 1:35, airplanes in 1:32, military in 1:35 and lot of ships mainly in 1:350 and 1:200). Now I am starting my first wooden ships - (I love the old American paddle steamers so I have 3 wooden ship models on my stash which I want to build next ..... 


So I hope that I could learn a lot from you all ... and please excuse any mistakes in the wooden ships - I never did that before :) 






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Gidday Michael and a warm welcome from the Land Downunder.

If I may offer some friendly advice,

Search through the build log section for your intended model. If not the same kit, you may find similar.

The logs can help identify pitfalls and offer solutions.

Ask a lot of questions if and when you become unsure of a step or how to proceed.

Start a build log if possible, I am not able to post photographs at this stage so I feel a bit hypocritical advising this. 

Above all enjoy yourself.

You will find the wealth of knowledge and practical experience here second to none and most members freely share both.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours,



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