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  I am sure there are many suppliers to be found on line. (below is a link to Amazon).  I bought some tiny LEDs some years ago, but was very happy that I went to the store that had them.  I had no idea there were so many choices and most were not what I wanted/needed.  Going to the store and speaking with a person that was something of an expert saved me a lot of problems.   

These have been discussed here at MSW on a few occasions so I am sure there will be more helpful posts responding to you.

In the meantime.....




PLEASE take 30 SECONDS and sign up for the epic Nelson/Trafalgar project if you would like to see it made into a TV series.   Click on http://trafalgar.tv   There is no cost other than the 30 seconds of your time.  THANK YOU


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Why do you want flickering lanterns? Even when burning oil in a lamp vessel or a candle, great effort was made to prevent flicker, they used shields and any other thing they could come up with including avoiding placing them in drafts. Walk around with a light source that uses flame, or introduce a draft they all flicker, like today that flicker is annoying unless you are a drugged up hippy. A yellowish flame will produce a very undernourished light, unless an Aladdin type kept pumped up. Ever attempt to fry eggs in a cast iron frying pan in a dark cabin using an oil lamp filled with well aged smoky kerosene on an iron stove after coming in from the barn from catching and feeding your horse for the days work, dull light and dirty chimney but no flicker allowed, except when you moved it from the table trying to get some light into that pan of breakfast? Dim light is good, avoid flicker.368505365_directfromscanner240.thumb.jpg.612cc8fb51283a49c236cebf68ef4767.jpg

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1 hour ago, Walt Con said:

Try this site.  


I also have used this site.  Great service and response.


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3 hours ago, James H said:



It's purely artistic licence.

I like the idea, adds a little 'life' to the model.


Just thinking long term, I'm wondering how are you planning to manage the power, if batteries, are you building a battery compartment into the base of the case or if a plugpack any thoughts on disguising the cable running to the case.




Mark D

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