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Builders of SMALL BOATS - Please Read This

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We have had a few requests from builders of Small Craft to categorize their Build Logs to make finding similar vessels easier using the Advanced Search function.


The solution is to have the word "SMALL" in the Build Log Title, then you could Search for all the small builds like you can for PLASTIC, CARD, BOTTLE and RADIO by simply Searching for the word SMALL in the Title using Advanced Search.


Unfortunately it would mean a LOT of work by the Moderators to find and rename all the Small Craft build logs already in place (and even new ones), especially those that haven't named their Build Logs clearly, or some of the more obscure vessels we are unfamiliar with.


There's nothing stopping those builders who would like their boat categorized in this way from renaming THEIR OWN build logs with the word SMALL in it. Place the word AFTER the name of the vessel and builder's name as in this example :


Lobster Smack by Joe Bloggs - SMALL


Note that there must be Spaces in the positions as shown, or the Search won't find it properly.


You need to go to the FIRST POST of your build log, click on the Edit Button and then on the "Use Full Editor" Button. This brings up the Edit Box with your Title in it. Edit the title and click the "Submit" button.

Cheers, Danny

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I just want to say I thought this idea was silly when MSW 2.0 first began but now that it's in full swing I see it's genius.  It really is awesome that I can easily find all the ship in bottle builds by just searching "bottle."  That and we still have one forum for all scratch builds so we all feel included.  If your a small builder and want your build found by other small builders I highly suggest you do what Dan is suggesting and change your titles.  Great thinking Mods....Now I really want to run a search for all the small builders out there.     

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Seriously, I think the definition of "small craft" means a a model of a vessel under, say, 40-50 ft LOA. That would cover small working and pleasure boats, usually with one or two masts, rowboats, or powerboats with a small (less than 5-8) crew.


There are always exceptions-for example, would my 8 ft long pond yacht be considered a small craft? Probably.

Would my 3 inch long model of the Victory be considered a small craft? Probably not.

50 foot pilot boats? Probably could go either way


At least that's where I think this is headed. Please correct me if I'm wrong.





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There's some clarification in the discussion over here:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/3513-builders-of-small-boats-please-read-this/


Basically, the designation "small" has nothing to do with model size. It's based on the real thing.   So, "small craft" would be the definition...  a small smack but not a trawler, etc.  If you open a build log and are unsure, let us (the moderators and/or admins know.  We'll try to help sort it out.

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I build small boats! like in the book from "warship to workboats" small working craft from around coastal areas,

some are as small as 2" the largest to date is "9" motorized naval launch with kitchens pattented rudder"


most are around 5" to 6", these are fit in between building larger R/C boats just for a break!


I think SMALL may be anything up to 8" to 10" but this is just a personal thought.



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