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Size of a printer needed

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Hi Frank,

some inkjet-printers aren`t limited to standard-size paper. They print A4 size (210mmx297mm) and custom size (up to 216mmx1200mm).

1200mm equals almost 48". So the length should be sufficient for most purposes and there`s hardly a need for print-services.

The only tricky thing is to find a source for a spool of 210mm or 8.5" paper.




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They used to make an office/desktop printer that did 11 X 17 but I've not found any lately after mine died.   So yes, use the standard office type printer (some take 8.5 X 14) and then an office supply or print shop for the larger ones.  I've used those services and now use architectural  copy shops for the large prints and find them very reasonable in price.

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No matter the printer, draw a test piece with a rectangle that is 5"X 6" or some such dimensions that can be measured with a caliper or other accurate device.  Then print it and measure to see if it is accurate.  Not all printers are created equal.   I always take a caliper to a print shop when I need larger prints.  Retail print shops like the old Kinkos rarely got it right the first time but were able to make adjustments.  Architectural firms are a better way to go if you cannot get accurate prints at home.  


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What Allan said, plus check the lines with a straightedge and measure the diagonals (corner to corner) for skew.  





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My old Brother 3 in 1 died in May.  Actually - the print heads became unreliable and needed frequent cleaning - the gotcha - planned obsolescence -was that the box with the sponge that collects the ink when cleaned became full and it required a visit to an authorized repair shop to replace - something probably more expensive than a new printer.  The Brother was just barely adequate and ran thru ink carts without restraint.

I replaced it with an Epson Eco-tank - one step up from basic - I use 8.5x14 because I can get more patterns per sheet.   Boy howdy is it better than my old printer.  Not having to replace the ink carts every couple of hulls is really good.  My criticism is that the black tank should be a higher volume than the three color.  The refill black does come separate, but still.  I have not had to do a refill, but am fast coming up on it.  Black at 25%, yellow at 40% , M and C at 50%.   I probably would have used 10 replacement units on my Brother by now and the cost difference is close to a magnitude even with Epson brand vs generic for the Brother.  No idea on longevity - but I can load 80 pages in the Epson print queue while the Brother would spit pages if I did more than 10.  The Epson quiet mode IS quiet  - slower - but quiet.

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I would suggest considering the upfront expense on an Ecotank model of printer to be well worth the expense if you actually plan to use the printer when you want, rather than needing to ration the ridiculously expensive consumables of a typical inkjet.

I have two - An Epson ET-2650 (A4 printer/scanner/copier) and an ET-7750 (A3 printer/scanner/copier), which work out cheaper than monochrome laser prints for 'average' colour prints on plain paper (though a coated paper does give better quality results - and noticeably increases print costs).

I've so far recovered about half the cost of the printers in reduced printing costs and they are both still functioning and I expect them to do so for many years to come, because they are actually used, rather than left to clag-up.

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1 hour ago, Lieste said:

An Epson ET-2650 (A4 printer/scanner/copier)

Had mine for about 4 years now, with no real issues, just an occasional head clean.


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