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HMS Sussex by mij - Scale 1:48

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I have started to build HMS Sussex 1693 from the plans by Gilbert McArdle, all the frames will be made from tulipwood.


These first two pictures show how I fitted a removable keel by fitting a piece of brass tube into the baseboard and a smaller piece of brass tube to the keel.






The tulipwood being planed for the keel




Milling the tulipwood for the forward frames




The frame templates are glued to the tulipwood, the glue I use is a non-toxic washable glue stick




Cutting out the frames



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Impressive tool collection, mij.


I will add a few thoughts about the spindle sander. It is a very useful tool for sanding the insides of curves. I would recommend an oscillating type to avoid sanding the same spot on the drums and one with multiple drum diameters. A would also highly recommend some sort of dust collection on this and all power sanders. This can be as simple as a shop vacuum connected to the sander and run off a combined switch. Before dust collection my sanding spread dust from the basement throughout the house and I woke up most mornings with congestion - no more.


Before buying a spindle sander I used a drum fitted to a table top drill press. All the frames on Naiad were done with this arrangment.



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Yes they are great tools for model makers and if you look after them they will last a long time.

My latest gift to myself is a Proxxon OZI 220/E Multi tool (Delta sander) which I will use to fair the frames.



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After fitting 8 full foreward frames, I decided that I was not happy with my build, I built the frames oversize and I was to fair them inside and out as Gilbert McArole done on his build.

I used Titebond for all the gluing, so I put my build in a bucket of water to release the glue.

It came apart with the use of a pallet knife between the frames, I will have to re-cut 8 more floor timber, because I had to chisel them out of the deadwood (I did say to myself, mind your fingers, I`ve now got a plaster on my index finge on my left hand).

I will now fair the frames as I fit them, which is the way I mormally build my models and I am much happier with.


First picture of my re-build.




These are 2 of my new Proxxon toys



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Started to build up the frames.

The first picture is the full frame drawn on paper with the floor timber and the top timber tacked to the paper using Copydex.




This picture shows the 1st futtock glued to the floor timber and the top timber using Titebond and held in position with 1bl weights.




This picture shows the complete frame, slightly over size for fairing.



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