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What Knots on ratlines? (edited by admin)


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Currently doing the rat lines on my Fair American, and was wondering what type of knots some of you do.


I am using a clove hitch to tie my rat lines to the shrouds. Do any of you use another kind of knot to tie your rat lines?


The rat lines are the most time consuming and monotonous type of rigging I think.... Be glad when this is done.




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Yup, as David and Ulises commented, clove hitches are the knots to use.  BUT, if your scale is small, then you could simply push a needle thru the shrouds, and just use an overhand knot on the outside shrouds.  Apply a drop of diluted white glue; do not use CA.  By small, I mean the ratlines look good with the needle method.


If it gets too boring, work on the yards, or the anchors, or the launch, then come back another day.



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Actually, the CORRECT way to tie a Ratline is to EYE SPLICE the two outer ones, and use Clove Hitches for the inner shrouds. The pics below show how I did them on my Norfolk Sloop :


Ratline Tying 001.jpg


Ratline Tying 002.jpg


Ratline Tying 004.jpg


Ratline Tying 005.jpg


Ratline Tying 006.jpg


The "Cow Hitch" (I can't remember if that's the correct name for this knot) is an alternative that looks much neater than a Clove Hitch for the two outer ones, as Janos mentioned. Here's how to tie them :


Ratline Tutorial 002.jpg


Ratline Tutorial 003.jpg


Ratline Tutorial 007.jpg


Note the tails of the Cow Hitches are both on the lower part of each knot, meaning that the two knots are mirrors of each other.


:cheers:  Danny

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