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Scotland Baltic Ketch 1775 by cdogg - Corel - 1:64

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Yes, the time has come for me to temporarily abandon my beloved Midwest Boats and seek a more intermediate ship to build.  Alas, the Corel Scotland has been on my list for quite some time and I decided last night to start it up.


Looks like all the parts and there and in good shape.


Started out with the keel and frame, will be busting out the exacto and the mini chisels tonight.


Can't wait to get this ship started!!!






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Well, I last night I started the front bulkheads.  I know this has been asked a thousand times but anyone have any great ideas to get these guys leveled?  I have been filing away at the top but I think I am better off widing the notch where they attach to the keel.  Thanks!




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With a name like this I should pull up a chair - haggis anyone?


Does this kit come with sails? Whilst I have not been a member for very long I have not seen many vessels with sails. The ones I have seen tend to be furled. Presumably difficult to get them to hang right?


Good luck

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Hey everyone, ran into an issue with the bulkheads and what seems to be a Corel issue.  I traced up the bulkheads drawings and compared, the wood laser cuts are actually more aligned then the drawings, if did the drawings some of them would bot be straight!.  So, looks like I have a "boatload" of fairing to do.  Also, the instructions are detailed but are starting to skip key explanations and focus more on stuff that anyone with past experience already knows.

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Got around to getting the deck set up, interesting set up suggested by Corel.  I used the deck markers to line up the bulkheads, worked pretty well.  I added the walnut strips around the keel, this is a fun ship to build so far.  Wish I had more time but lately have had virtually no free time to work on the ships.


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Hi, Casey!


I am currently building this kit as well - started in 2005 ;-) Now I am at the stage of rigging


If I were to start again, I would throw out all the castings and scratch-built the transom. Don't use cast deadeye chain plates  - better make them from wire instead.


Also check and double check the hull lines as bulkheads in my kit were beyond the border of Good and Evil - only one or two of them  were symmetrical  - had to add a lot of shims and still haven't done  the hull job well...

Adding balsa  fillers  between bulkheads can be of some sense as those little blocks glued to the deck didn't help in my case. - the deck is very thin and it does not prevent the whole frame from getting twisted.


Anyway, I wish You best luck with this project and would follow it. 

If You have any questions on the Scotland kit I would be glad to help.


Best Regards


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Hello Dmitriy--


I found the bulkhead issue right away, I have probably spent 4 hours so far getting them in shape, even the drawings were off in the manual.  I widened the space between the deck guides to the bulkheads and they helped a little.  


I haven't gotten around to checking out the chain plates but thanks for the heads up.  I noticed the metal castings for the transom look a little rough, any suggestion on how I should start from scratch?



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Hi again!


Yep, the drawings in manual are smaller than real details ((


My pics are here :





 I noticed the metal castings for the transom look a little rough, any suggestion on how I should start from scratch?


Well, I must confess I've used a  cast detail ;-) I was very impatient those days !  Nevertheless, I think it won't be too difficult - You'll need callipers and some scrap planks. The transom detail has a frame in it's base - so take the measurements  of all ribs and make a frame of same size. You will lack decorations - but You can always add them later made from poxypol or Tamiya Epoxy Putty. Or  You  may even try to carve them from balsa.

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