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USF Essex by Woodrat - FINISHED - Scale 1: 64, Fully Framed from Takakjian plans

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Having lost my build log in the catastrophic crash of 2012, I will try to resurrect an abbreviated version. I used Portia Takakjians plans and referred to both the AOTS book and the POF publication. There were significant differences in the deck framing between the two books. This was my first ship-model and I learnt a lot along the way, especially from MSW members later on. The build took 10 years and was done in american cherry for the structural elements. Hope you like it.




post-848-0-30971200-1385561444_thumb.jpg a representative midship framepost-848-0-57028100-1385561740_thumb.jpg the bow framing completepost-848-0-54530000-1385562054_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-01854600-1385562193_thumb.jpgstern modulepost-848-0-68314400-1385562682_thumb.jpg

post-848-0-32799900-1385562911_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-23308500-1385563129_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-36750800-1385563461_thumb.jpghull framing complete

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I live in Perth , Western Australia, Andrew. Bit far to go for a casual visit. But maybe someday.....


Here are some more progress pics of the build. Merry Xmas. Dick :)





post-848-0-40319100-1397042768_thumb.jpg berth deck framing installed


post-848-0-61689300-1397042751_thumb.jpg gun deck framing








the anchor stock planking is in black walnut.


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post-848-0-44381200-1397044036_thumb.jpg  deck framing mostly complete. I used the AOTS layout with some modifications such as the underslung cathead.

post-848-0-89851900-1397044041_thumb.jpg  the belfry


post-848-0-35497600-1397044240_thumb.jpg components of main capstan

post-848-0-00026400-1397044245_thumb.jpg post-848-0-25163400-1397044252_thumb.jpg






post-848-0-18077600-1397045258_thumb.jpg the boomkins in place


post-848-0-61527100-1397044726_thumb.jpg  double ship's wheel and main cabin wirh rudder housing

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thanks chaps. There is still a ways to go yet




after a disastrous first attempt the second version of the lantern was a bit better






post-848-0-66423300-1397101021_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-66349600-1397101023_thumb.jpg steering gear connected and functioning

post-848-0-42130700-1397100099_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-27590300-1397100102_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-52718200-1397100105_thumb.jpg the build as at may 2010



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The following shows the steps of the construction of the double wheel. The wood is jarrah.


post-848-0-88610500-1388218395_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-93610400-1388218427_thumb.jpg  turning the wheel on the Unimat




post-848-0-10274900-1388218495_thumb.jpg spokes in place


post-848-0-89656700-1388218520_thumb.jpg drum being machined






post-848-0-55707700-1388218687_thumb.jpg brass facing cut from sheet brass



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I initally did the seats of ease as per the AOTS drawing but, after ribald comments from various MSW members about wet bums in any sort of sea, I redid them in a more traditional way.





post-848-0-66468600-1388403095_thumb.jpgpost-848-0-46257200-1388403154_thumb.jpg the old seats for hardy sailors




post-848-0-06977300-1388403220_thumb.jpgthat's better (and drier!)

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Hello, I just discovered your build from the "full view" section. OMG way to hidden. Awesome build. I did not want to click "Like This" 20+ times so,

just posting a note here. Super excellent work. A pleasure to see. I will follow along.


PS Your long boat is superb. It looks very similar to the Vasa's long boat. I will probably use your technique if I decide to add one for my build. Thanks for sharing.





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Thanks, Michael. Most kind in you. I certainly would recommend doing the longboat for your Wasa. I found the ship's boats a very satisfying part of the build and building it over a mould is easier than you think. Great work on the Wasa too.


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