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18th Century Longboat by Ryland Craze - Model Shipways - 1:48

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Here is the start of my 18th Century Longboat by Model Shipways.  I watched the development of this kit by Chuck Passaro on MSW v1.0 and was amazed to see the detail that he put into such a small boat.  I felt that this would be a fun kit to build and so far I am right.  As all of us on MSW know Chuck is an amazing ship model designer and I was glad to see Model
Shipways turn his design into a kit.  I ordered this kit as soon as it was available.  I was fortunate to see Chuck's Longboat at the 2012 Northeast Joint Clubs Ship Model Conference and Show.  It is a beauty and it won the Jim Roberts Award for the Best Ship Model in the Show.


The kit is in an 8" x 15 1/2" box.  Here are pictures of the contents:




All of the wood in the kit is basswood and it is laser cut.




Blocks, rigging line and preprinted friezes and stern decorations are included.




A 20 page instruction booklet with color pictures is included.  The instructions are written like a practicum, they are highly detailed in explaining the construction steps.




Three sheets of plans drawn by Chuck are provided.




Like I said, this is going to be a fun build.


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The first step is to clean up the laser burn marks off of the basswood parts. It seems that most of the burn marks were on tne backside of the laser cut wood.




I used 220 and 320 grit sanding sticks to clean up the burn marks.  I was surprised to see them disappear with some light sanding.  Here are the parts after sanding the burn marks.



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For staining the basswood parts, I used Minwax products as shown below.




I first applied the Minwax Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner to the basswood.  Then I mixed one part of Minwax Golden Oak Stain to three parts of Minwax Natural Stain and applied this to the basswood parts.  This darkened the wood very slightly and this was the effect that I wanted.




As you could see, the color of the frames were darkened very slightly.


Here is the keel stained.



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Now the fun part starts to happen.  I am finally starting to assemble the kit.


I used some one inch "L" blocks to keep my frames square and at right angles to the keel. These pictures show how I assembled the bulkheads to the keel.




Here you can see the bow filler blocks that I installed per the instructions.




One good thing about this build is my old camera gave out.  I had pictures of each bulkhead being installed but they were blurred.  They said that my sensors had given out in the old camera, so I bought a new one.  The last three photos were taken by the new camera.




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After all of the bulkheads were installed, it was time to fair them.  I used sanding sticks that I purchased from a beauty supply shop.  You have to use a light touch to do the fairing or you will loosen up some of the bulkheads.  I actually loosened up several of the bulkheads, but it was an easy fix to reglue them. 


Here are some pictures of the fairing process and the sanding sticks that I used.




Next step is to start the planking.

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Thanks for looking in. Chuck's plans and instruction manual are excellent as well as all of his kit designs.


I have been watching your Syren build and it is a masterpice. You have done a beautiful job on building this kit and I know you can attest to Chuck's plans and instructions.  I have the Syren kit, but I want to work on getting my skills to the level that I can do a good job on building it.

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This is a beautiful Build Log. I love how you present the kit, the parts, the plans and all your step-by-step progress.


Darn, it makes my mouth water just watching you build that gorgeous kit. Once again, I am going to have to invest in Chuck Passaro, Inc.


I'll be following closely. By the time you are done, your Build Log will become the De Facto Practicum.



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Thanks everyone for the comments. This is a nice kit and I am looking forward to continuing the build.


Chuck, thanks for opening up this forum to all of us that are building the longboat.  This feels like the right place for this build log.  I am looking forward to seeing more of the Club members posting their builds.  It will be good to see the techniques used by others.

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Nice work there Ryland.

The post with the Minwax products was very informative. It's not one we have here in NZ but shots like that give a good clue to similar items here and the slight darkening of the basswood might come ion handy in future. I sure like the look of Chuck's boat so who knows I might give it a go one day. I'll let intrepid adventurers like you and others in this forum lead the way.


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Thanks Wayne. It is a fun little boat to work on. I am watching the other Longboat builders as they are turning out some beautiful models.  I have learned a lot from their build logs.


I have been following your Granado build log and I am amazed at your artistic talent regarding the painting of the quarterdeck bulkhead panels.  You really did a nice job on them.  They are going to add to an already excellent model.


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Thanks Anja and Tim for the Birthday wishes.  I spent all day with the grandkids.  My two and a half year old granddaughter sang happy birthday to me about six times.  We lit the candles each time and she got to blow them out.  I made wishes each time and hopefully they will all come true.  All in all, a great day.

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Hi, Ryland.


Just wondering ...


Where did you get those little true squares in the pictures from February 27?  Those look really handy, but I have no idea where I could find them.


Enjoying the build very much!  I've just started my longboat, so I'm watching all the activity here with great interest.





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I got these angle plates off of ebay many years ago.  I could not find any on ebay but I did come across some at this website.  Just click here: Global Industrial.  I ordered a pair of 1"x1"x1" and a pair of 2"x2"x2".  Mine were imported from India.  You can also make some angle plates out of legos.

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