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Triton Cross Section 1:48 RichardT

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Hi All,

I decided to try my hand at Plank on Frame and this seemed a good way to learn. It will also give me a chance to master turning out planks and frames from wood stock so I get to give some of my tools a workout. 


Here is the first section of work:




I have a copy of Ed Tosti's first Naiad book and am using this build to practice fabricating and using some of his tools.  Here I have created a scraper from a razor blade to make the rabbet. (I dulled the cutting edge first ... I hate trying to get blood stains out of the wood :- )


Please provide access to the rest of the plans.


Thanks Richard

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I thought it was about time for an update.  As I explained in my Syren thread, I am learning how to use tools and that is considerably extending the amount of time it takes to perform even simple tasks.  But, I am sure having fun.


In order to better work on the frame parts I made the following jig for my micro mill.




It works great at keeping the room almost sawdust free.


Also wanted to increase safety on the table saw 




And this not only increases safety but also increases the precision of the cuts.


Ok, here is where I am to date





This was next sanded using my proxxon disk sander and the new drum sander. Of course I forgot to take a picture of it finished :-)

I know the lines are already colored blue but wanted to make sure I could identify it if the sanding took out the lines... it didn't.






I had to rework a few of the frames.  Some were skills issues.  A a couple seemed to be poor basswood.  I bought some 3/16 from hobby lobby and a couple of the pieces felt wrong... spongy, but I tried them anyway. 


I am practicing this first build in basswood because it is cheap and available.  I have some pear and boxwood planks coming that I can size on my "soon to arrive" Byrnes Thickness Sander.  


I may just go ahead and consider the basswood frames as skill building and if it all fits nicely on the keel go back and rebuild using the boxwood or pear. Not sure yet.


I did not think I would want to have two builds going at once, but it is nice to take breaks from one to work on the other.  Kinda re-energizes you.  


Oh, by the way, is there a top down plan for the Cross section?  I'd like to put it down and use it to guide the assembly. I did not see one in the downloads.


and so it goes...



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The 'CrossSectionFrames481.pdf' can function as a top down. You could print off two copies and cut along the hull line to cover both sides or just leave as is. None of the frames in the cross section are angled so the position is the same.

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Its a couple of weeks later and there is good news and bad.

Good - I liked the way the frames turned out.

Bad - The frames ran past the end of the keel segment.

Lesson learned - Dry fit wherever possible.  Just because the parts measure up, doesn't guarantee the whole will fit.


I could take it apart and reuse the pieces, or just add a small piece of keel, but decided to start over.  I think I would do a better job and wanted to try it in boxwood and pear which I have not used before.

I received some rough planks and will use the Byrnes saw and Thickness Planer to mill them to size.  It went pretty well with the basswood and I would like to see the difference in working boxwood and pear.  I like the idea of being able to mill my own materials.  It provides a great deal of flexibility and creates more of a scratch built feeling. 


Anyway, attached are the pictures


the final basswood plank after milling from larger piece. This is different from the ones posted above as I used the planks milled from the rough cut basswood for the last few frames.



This is the set up for cutting. Thanks to MTaylor for hint about using low tack tape on the wood then gluing template. It worked like a charm with the the templates peeling off the cut pieces without a hitch.



After cutting and creating all frames began build:



Received these Excel clamps (in blue.)  They helped a lot.



and so it ended up looking pretty good:





As you can see, the final frame ran past the end of the keel.


I learned much and will see if I can apply it by starting over, this time with boxwood and pear.



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I'm assuming that everything you did matched the printed plans.    So, did you check the scale on the plans with a ruler?   I ran into where the print setting on the 'puter changed and some plans printed out to the wrong size.  Luckily, I wasn't far into the build when I discovered it.

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I checked all the scales against each other.  I made sure that all pdf's were printed at same 100%. Could have been that the last few frames from the basswood I milled was a little off. 


Having said that, I did something wrong and will do a lot more inspection and spend more time with dry fitting.  This first go around was a familiarization and testing effort and I used basswood so no great loss.  The next build should be better.


I will post and we will see.


For now, I have to mill some Boxwood and Swiss Pear to get started.





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Though it is better to be exact when placing/sizing the frames you can adjust for slightly larger (or smaller frames) when you are placing them though you do need to know the exact sizes. If you measure the base of the frame with a micrometre type measure then that may help..

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Just a quick note.

I have not given up on restarting the build.  My ship building club has decided on a group build and between that and the Syren I will be pretty busy.

I will begin again when the group build is finished.  I want to see how well my skills can handle that before starting a major work such as the Naiad.



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