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Christmas tool and equipment list

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Hi there, I am not sure if there is already such a topic, if there is please delete this one and I will search again.



Anyway I was wondering what you are planning to get for Christmas, or what would be a good Christmas wish. (Preferably something to do with ship modelling ^^) 



In your opinion what are the best tools and equipment to get for Christmas (for experienced or novice modellers)?





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Maybe this thread ought to be in the 'General Discussion' or 'Shore Leave' section?

Anyway ...

My Christmas 'Lust-for' list consists of items I sort of want, but am unlikely to just go out and buy in the next couple of months.  The Admiral is fed up with hearing me say how much I want something, and then seeing me order it online the next day!
So it has to be things I want (rationally or not) and am unlikely to buy for myself in the next couple of months.  Such as:
A Ropewalk, and a Serving machine.  The ones made by Dormanoff (MSW member) do look very good, but my beloved Admiral freaks out when I tell her she'd have to order online from Russia and pay in American Dollars!
A Dremel 4000 with all the trimmings;
The Royal Yacht Mary, from Mamoli.  But ah, there was a fire, and Mamoli is no more!  So I daren't ask for this - the Admiral wouldn't know the best websites to look on, and I wouldn't want her to pay over the odds just for rarity value;
Various fine-headed punches.  The Admiral now has a long and very specific list of the punches I want!
A decent 8-inch Tablet (now that my 2012 Ipad-3 is infected with IOS-8 and everything on it works so-o-o s-l-o-o-w-l-y);

Plus, I do need ideas about what I can give as a surprise present to the Admiral.  I'd start a thread asking what everyone else was planning to give them, but Admirals have a nasty habit of looking in on MSW and nobody wants to give their ideas away, do they?

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