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  1. Denis, in your yard find a birch, maple or oak with thin branches, prune them off, bring in house to dry. Then use any sharp knife to cut/split them into scale fire logs. I've used the method to make firewood for woodcarving figures to carry. See photos for an example.
  2. Semore, I built the Tamiya 1:35 German 60 cm Siege Mortar about 20 years ago, both kit versions - rail mounted (1:72 scale I think) and unmounted ready to fire. Photos below: That rail gun would make a nice model.
  3. I didn't say NO ships/boats, just no SAILING ships with big complex rigging. But you are getting close . The tank is finished, I decided to leave unweathered <at least for now>
  4. Nah ! I have had enough rigging of "tall" (or short) sailing ships for now.
  5. Not sure yet ! Maybe a destroyer, or double cockpit ice yacht, or one of the wood boat kits from my stash ???? Suggestions ????
  6. Lou, the ice breakers have been making regular trips up/down the Hudson since December keeping the commercial channel open. They may get a break when temps go above 40 F but not for long. We keep our ice boats well away from the channel, the Coast Guard knows where we are and if we are sailing, I was told by one of the boat commanders that they look forward to seeing us on their trips, in fact they contact our local CG unit before they leave NYC to find out if we are on the ice and our location.
  7. Per, would love to take you for a sail on one of our big boats, if and when you visit the East coast and we have descent ice to sail on. But in the meantime you could build your own smaller DN class boat with supplies from your local Lowes/Home Depot. Plans can be obtained here or instructions here .
  8. The instructions say to just put a drop of thin CA on the part where you want to connect and just touch the EZ line to it - sets almost instantly. I had no trouble using it on the Liberty Ship Brown.
  9. Ah, you guys are getting old ! You gotta have some fun, some adventure, in winter. Do a little "hard water" sailing ! Do a little racing ! Even challenge the US Coast Guard to a race down river (USCGC Penobscot Bay ice breaker) We had beautiful ice until this recent "storm" brought a warm up that turned the ice into Swiss Cheese overnight - now we have to wait for the next Polar Vortex to descend on us. Mark, Lou, beware of the "Pineapple Express" !
  10. 4 1/2 inches of snow here in Hudson Valley, just changed over to freezing rain, temp 20 F.
  11. I use this one from Lee Valley http://www.leevalley.com/en/wood/page.aspx?p=70138&cat=1,230,41182,70138 Works great on small planks.
  12. I used quite a bit of the PE but a lot of it doesn't show in the photos; camera can't pick it all up and some of it gets lost in the forest so to speak. All the vertical ladders on the crane towers are PE, all the railings around the foreward and aft guns and stern are PE, also the railings around the main structure amid-ships are PE - the points on the tower where the lines attach are PE. My next ship probably will not have as much gray as this one.
  13. Danny, when I click on the PLASTIC/RESIN link I get the Card PDF file; likewise when I click on the CARD link, I get the Card PDF ....... Looks like a couple links got broken/overlaid.
  14. Danny, my 2 plastic kits, The Sullivans and Liberty Ship John W Brown, are now finished

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