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    : Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskill Region, NY
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    Wooden ship building from kits, plank-on-frame and plank-on-bulkhead. Been building off and on for about 40 year. Also Photography, Woodcarving; sailing 19th century ice yachts

    Built a complete N-scale model Railroad, with some kit built rolling stock and numerous buildings.

    Started model building in the mid-1950's with my Dad who was building HO scale Model Railroad rolling stock.

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  1. I agree with Mark. Looks good just the way it is. Nice work !
  2. You might try contacting the Coast Guard Historians Office http://Www.uscg.mil/history for more information.
  3. Denis, according to his profile he last signed in on June 10th
  4. Rob, that's a beautiful piece of driftwood.
  5. SIGNS
  6. My condolences also to his family and friends. I enjoyed his subtle humor about his living on the "west coast of New Hampshire". He will be missed.
  7. Rob, I haven't commented much on your lighthouses, just used the Like button, but as someone who restored a US Lighthouse, toured most of the US East Coast lighthouses, and has an extensive collection of the Harbour Lights series of lighthouse, I have to say yours are extremely beautiful and well executed. Would love to see you do more of them.
  8. I concur ! But my personal favorite is Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey.
  9. Joe, search for this mrh-acrylic-painting-guide-post-floquil-landscape.pdf You might have to drop off the .PDF from the search argument. I was able to find it.
  10. Hmm, guess the video doesn't like Windows XP - it doesn't display a big arrow but rather the message "Video Unavailable - Sorry, this video cannot be played - learn more" BUT when I display it on my Android tablet it plays fine. So viewed it on the tablet instead of laptop. Nice models, Kurt.
  11. Nice photos of the Eagles. Very impressive. Scenery in background is nice - are you in or near mountains ? Looks like a lot of fog.
  12. Can't view the video, Kurt. When I click on "learn more" it takes me to a Facebook help page.
  13. Well, I am glad to report we are back to more Spring like temperatures and not experiencing any "Florida" weather - been in the mid-to-high 60s since Sunday going to the more seasonal (for us) mid-to-high 70s for the rest of the week. And no rain forecast. Altho I must say that my flower and vegetable gardens have been doing well. Have a bumper crop of lettuce for salads at the moment.
  14. Was 97 F here on Thursday with high humidity (felt like Florida), Friday we hit 92 F not quite so humid, this morning awoke at 6:00 AM to 55 F - presently it is 65 F. Been very sunny all week but pretty windy Thursday and Friday - calm winds now. Wednesday and Thursday's highs broke records for highest temperature on that date. Is this really May ????? Or did I get magically transported in my sleep to Florida ????