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    Wooden ship building from kits, plank-on-frame and plank-on-bulkhead. Been building off and on for about 40 year. Also Photography, Woodcarving; sailing 19th century ice yachts

    Built a complete N-scale model Railroad, with some kit built rolling stock and numerous buildings.

    Started model building in the mid-1950's with my Dad who was building HO scale Model Railroad rolling stock.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the Copyright sign, Dee_Dee. My son and I were discussing this issue tonight over dinner - he's an artist. He said he's found the theft of art is rampant on the Internet. He's had a couple of photos of his paintings stolen also and posted as someone else' art work. As he pointed out to me, just as easily as we can add a watermark, copyright with signature, etc to a photo, they can just as easily remove it with PhotoShop or Picasa or any other tool. Should we give up ? NO ! Just keep calling them out when you find them.
  2. Dirk, I'm not having any problems. It's John Allen who has the problem accessing Syren. .
  3. No problems for me using Firefox, I get the little padlock (closed lock) showing the site is secure.
  4. How about we take one of the Smoke Free or Drug Free Zone signs that dot the US landscape, especially around schools, and massage it a little to read "Piracy Free Zone" or something like that. UPDATE: Something like (suggested) This site promotes a piracy free environment. All Copyright, Trademark, Patent will be respected. Violators will be immediately removed.
  5. I am with you also, Chuck, but unfortunately I have no artistic abilities to help you with the logo design.
  6. Danny, maybe we should send in a join request for the Userids Cheng I Sao, Ching Shih, and Cheung Po Tsai Hint: Google the names above.
  7. Hey gang, this IS Chuck's Syren business NEWS forum and we have really really drifted way off course with these diversions. Let's take these discussions over to Shore Leave and let Chuck have his forum back.
  8. Personally I prefer the old fashioned coffee press ! Not as convenient or as fast but much better tasting coffee. And I get to buy my Ethiopian Yirgecheffe from my local roaster, instead of settling for whatever is in those little pods.
  9. But when I buy a Model Shipways kit directly from Model Expo (either by phone or internet) I know I am getting a real Model Shipways kit, but with eBay I don't know what I am really getting. And I have neither the time nor inclination to verify the authenticity of what eBay claims to be selling. So I just avoid them entirely.
  10. Hijack away Chuck. I think the MSW members need to be made aware of what's going on. And who some of the people are who think this is all okay and who support piracy and theft of intellectual property.
  11. This link takes me to a "page not found" message and a page full of Chinese character set.