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  1. Jack12477

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Sirius XM came installed in my car radio at time of purchase (2010), gave me a FREE introductory 6 month subscription, found I used it only 4-5 times ever and then only 1-2 channels. Let it expired. They hounded me for another six months to subscribe but I ignored them. Took the car into dealer for normal oil change service and got another FREE 3 month trial subscription, let that expire because I only turn the radio on once. Now each time I take the car in for service I get an email from Sirius telling me to "click this link to activate your FREE 3 month trial subscription" I just hit the delete key instead. I rarely turn the car radio on unless I'm on a long trip then I use it to play CDs.........
  2. Denis, some of the ACE Hardware stores are carrying some of the Craftsman brand; also Lowes, but I think mostly the wrench sets in Lowes. I think Black and Decker bought the line.
  3. One of mine was also sent to Australia from Clonmel Ireland for being a political insurgent but escaped in 1791 from Botany Bay with William & Mary Bryant after stealing the governor's 6-oar cutter, sailing 3,250 miles to Timor.
  4. Jack12477

    What have you received today?

    About time !
  5. But you Dutch arrived here in 1609 and settled in Fort Orange (Albany) in 1614-1615. The "natives" were the Iroquois, Cherokee, etc. And the Stone Houses the Dutch built in Nieuw Dorp are still standing and inhabited.
  6. It's JACK12477 --- bit off on the id, Ken. The PE brass is proving to be a giant challenge. Firstly, in identifying the appropriate piece(s) and then in bending them. Even with magnification it ain't easy.
  7. Jack12477

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Yes, rules are different for Credit versus Debit - when in doubt always use Credit over Debit.
  8. WOW ! Impressive ! Nicely done ! I agree with Chris !
  9. Nice job, Robert. Looks impressive
  10. Jack12477

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Call your credit card company and tell them it's a fraudulent charge. Don't know what the UK laws are but here in the US you are either not liable at all or only get nicked for $50 USD. Either way most cards have fraud protection for the cardholder.
  11. Jack12477

    Shipyard hours and exercise

    I don't either. But then I don't have a "smart" phone; just a dumb flip phone that only makes and receives phone calls not text messages.
  12. Thanks, Kop, I do have a hold and fold and the appropriate blade. Got them a while back from The Small Shop in Oregon/Washington area.
  13. Question for everyone : the PE ship's doors have a single very very thin brass band linking the doot to the door frame. I have been cutting the two apart, glueing the frame on first, then glueing the door onto the frame. I tried to fold the door over onto the frame but with only one thin brass piece holding them together they don't align correctly. How do you guys handle the doors ? One folded piece or two separate pieces ?
  14. Thanks, OC, I think I have some of that glue. Wiil try it.

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