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  1. Outstanding job on the weathering effects, Carl. But really, Carl !?!? Would any Fleet Admiral allow one of his active duty Naval Warships to get that grungy ? I would think at the Admiral's next Inspection visit, he'd relieve the ship's Captain of his command and put the crew on latrine duty for not keeping their ship all nice and ship-shape and "purdy" <pretty>. Or is this one of those mothballed ships? But again ! Outstanding job of weathering.
  2. That worked well. You can play with the light intensity just by adding or removing layers of tissue. Nice work on the boat and painting.
  3. why not just use the weights they use in the Pinewood Soapbox derby cars the Scouts build and race - they can be cut to various sizes and would easily fit inside - I think Loews, Home Depot and Michaels all sell the kits and accessories.
  4. CDW, try placing a single layer of Kleenex (brand or any similar brand) tissue over the built-in flash when you take the pictures. If one layer still is too bright then add another layer. The tissue will diffuse the light, make it softer and help keep from "washing out the color" in the extreme close-ups. You'll have to experiment with the number of layers of tissue until you get what you want. It's an old photographers trick.
  5. Brooklyn or Rainbow ?????
  6. CDW - Could be? But on my cameras, it's on the SET FUNCTION button (or FUNC SET). On yours trying selecting it and see if you get a screen with various LIGHTING settings - you are probably on AWB (Automatic White Balance) which sometimes doesn't work well when you switch between indoor and outdoor especially when you take the camera off of AUTO mode and select one of the other modes, e.g. AV (Aperature Preferred/Priority), TV (Shutter Preferred) or P (Programmed), etc. On mine when I take it off of AUTO, I manually select the Lighting mode (WB). I'm using a Canon PowerShot SX130.
  7. It is the white balance WB setting, change from indoor (tungsten) to Daylight, in Daylight the tungsten setting creates a blueish cast to the light; in contrast the Daylight setting will cause a yellowish or orangeish cast when used indoors.
  8. I just noticed that every time I click on the "reacted" button with my right hand that my left foot suddenly kicks the back of the desk. Is that the new digital patellar reflex test? <pun intended>
  9. I've purchased four books on four different occasions from Bob and had absolutely no problems and the books arrived in a very short time. I agree, contact Bobcat here on MSW. Also double check your credit card's monthly statement and see if it was actually charged for the order, it could be the order never went thru properly.
  10. Jack12477

    Making small nails with round head

    I used them to get parts (mostly bolts) for my ice yacht scratch build - great stuff and fast turn-around on orders.
  11. Looks to me like you did it right - the ends do tend to be thicker .
  12. Jack12477

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Norm Abrams and Tom Silva from This Old House would be a good choice also.
  13. Ken, glad to hear that you and the model made it safely across the Bronx's Ho Chi Min trail. It hasn't changed in 20 years. I think some of those potholes could swallow a tank. Enjoy the Atlantic and Long Island Sound and your family stay - it's pretty hot and humid up here in "Upstate" Catskills also.

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