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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Yes, Saugerties Lighthouse It's generally booked solid very early on in a calendar year, especially weekends. There is a half mile long trail from the parking lot to the lighthouse itself
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Yes, 1869. This is the 2nd lighthouse on that site. The first was built in 1833 and later dismantled after the current lighthouse was built. It served as an Aid to Navigation (AtoN) until it was deactivated by the Coast Guard in the mid-1950s and sat abandoned until a group of local residents formed a not-for-profit Conservancy and acquired ownership of the lighthouse from the US Federal government in 1985 and then spent 5 years restoring it (I was a founding member of that group). In 1990 the lighthouse was opened to the public for tours and in that same year the US Coast Guard, on the occasion of the 200th Birthday of the US Coast Guard, reinstalled the light in the tower and returned it to active AtoN status. Today it is a Bed and Breakfast, maintained by the Conservancy, while the Coast Guard maintains the light as an active Aid to Navigation. The light is a modern solar powered lens equivalent to a 4th Order Lens, listed on charts as white, occulting 4 (seconds), visible range is about 6 miles up or down river. The foundation of the original 1833 lighthouse still exists; it was used as the construction platform during the restoration, and today is used as a picnic area for visitors. The waterside photos above were taken from that platform.
  3. What have you received today?

    S N O W ! ! ! ! about 8 inches of fresh light powder fell overnight.
  4. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I decided to take a hike along the Hudson River to the 1869 lighthouse at the convergence of the Hudson River and Esopus Creek. Delightful walk thru the fresh (8 inch) snowfall. Very quiet and peaceful. Temperature around 28-32 F. No wind. Ice on the river is 12-14 inches thick, on the creek somewhat less 6-8 inches. The dark line thru the ice is the track for the commercial shipping channel which Coast Guard icebreakers keep open all winter. The river looking south The Esopus Creek looking inland or upstream
  5. Well for the first time in over 2 weeks, we have finally reached the freezing point (32 F) today. It's actually gotten warmer. Supposed to hit 50 F by weekend. But don't break out the bubbly just yet, another cold wave is coming back in here next week.
  6. Pete, they reported air temp of minus 36 F and windchill of minus 90, tied for 2nd coldest on earth. Closer to home it is minus 4 F this morning (Sunday) at my house, windchill between minus 15 and minus 25 F. Up north of me in the Adirondack mountains they are recording calm air temps between minus 20 F and minus 30 F.
  7. Crossing the Kingston-Rhinecliff bridge over the Hudson River, west bound, around 11 AM today. Notice the US Flag flying just past the 2 light post on left side of bridge. The storm hit around 8:30 AM in this area of Hudson Valley - temps 20 F with 15-20 MPH winds. Visibility from bridge zero, straight ahead about 1/2 mile to 1 mile. There's a river out there someplace beyond that railing
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Some of us hale and hearty Northerners decided to forsake the "hair of the dog" for a delightful weekend of sailing on one of the ice covered bays of the Hudson River. In another week the river should have enough ice thickness to support the entire fleet of 1800's vintage Ice Yachts.
  9. How cold was it in NY ? Well, according to National Weather Service, it was minus 10 F in Poughkeepsie (a new record for the day) on the Hudson River and minus 30 F at Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. Unofficially it was minus 3 F at my house. More arctic cold is due on Thursday this week. In a week or so, we should have great ice for the large antique Ice Yachts to sail on the Hudson River, something we haven't been able to do since March 2014. Happy New Year !
  10. McMurdo base here, it is a balmy 3 F this lovely morning
  11. I have used the MS paints with a brush. Kurt's correct. The pigment is too coarse and obliterates any fine detail. I found it also has to be diluted with water to flow properly. I used the artist's technique - put a small dab of the paint on a piece of card stock, dip the brush in water, then into the dab of paint and swirl it around a bit on the card stock, do this repeatedly till it thins to a consistence you want, then pick up paint on the brush directly from the card stock and apply to the model. I agree with others - Vallejo is a good replacement for Floquil
  12. Is this running on the IBM Cloud down in Virginia USA? Supposedly in a building the size of 4 or 5 US Football fields in area.
  13. Jim, it's been doing this intermittently all morning today Monday 12/18 in US East Coast. And response times are horrible - just to load this forum to read it took 5 minutes - all of this started with Friday/Saturday's "upgrade".
  14. Jim On the United States East Coast MSW crashed around 6 PM EST Saturday and was still offline at 9:30 PM EST. It's back online now at 6 AM EST Sunday.