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  1. Them Old Jokes

    Aha ! A Doctorate in Circumlocution !
  2. Yep, that was the case Per. Spotted two suspicious "phishing" scammer posts and tried to report them, except the button disappeared. Used a PM to an Admin instead.
  3. Does this have something to do with ADMIN level versus MODERATOR versus casual user level designation ? Chuck and Danny can see/use it but not any others. Any MODERATORs logged in? Can they see it ?
  4. Michael you're making me insanely jealous! It's coming together nicely.
  5. I'm using Snapshot as my default, but I just cycled thru all 4 themes and it's the same on all four of them - NO REPORT button to be seen or discovered.
  6. Sometime in the 60's ( I think) the state of Delaware passed law(s) putting a permanent freeze on any future development of their Atlantic coast line, restricted the expansion of Rehoboth, Bethany and Dewey beach towns to their current (at that time) north-south footprint. All remaining beaches were declared public beaches and development was prohibited. Can't say the same for Jersey or Maryland.
  7. Nope ! Not for me. Only thing I see is the SHARE icon in upper right corner, upper left is poster's ID and date/time stamp. Button line is "+" for multi-quote, Quote and Like buttons.
  8. What happened to the REPORT button we used to report suspicious or inappropriate posts? Tried to report suspicious post but cannot find the button any more
  9. Yea ! Especially since hurricane Jose just rejuvenated itself and became a hurricane again. First time in a long while that the east coast has Tropical Storm warning posted from Maine to the Carolinas. And then we have new hurricane Maria, presently a Cat 2 but predicted to become a Cat 4, taking the same track thru the Caribbean as Irma did.....
  10. Syren vs Irma

    Glad to hear that you and Gwen are safe.
  11. Syren vs Irma

    Glad to hear you are okay.
  12. after a hurricane, has anybody modeled shipwrecks?

    I've seen the cable TV show about that treaure hunt.
  13. Likewise CDW, Stay safe.
  14. Precisely Chuck. It's far more valuable to follow everyone's train of thought as they post individual answers in the order posted. Reordering the answer(s) based on a voting system takes them out of context. As Carl (COG) pointed out earlier this feature lends itself more to a programming or software development project where you are looking for a best solution rather than a "how do I change my screen name" kind of question.