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    : Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskill Region, NY
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    Wooden ship building from kits, plank-on-frame and plank-on-bulkhead. Been building off and on for about 40 year. Also Photography, Woodcarving; sailing 19th century ice yachts

    Built a complete N-scale model Railroad, with some kit built rolling stock and numerous buildings.

    Started model building in the mid-1950's with my Dad who was building HO scale Model Railroad rolling stock.

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  1. Michael, are those Trumpeter Swans in the photo? We have the Mute Swan (European origin) here in the valley - some in NYS DEC consider ours to be an "invasive species" even tho they are beautiful birds. Their wing beats makes a strange "whooshing" sound.
  2. Amen
  3. Ken, thanks for the history - It's interesting your lighthouse cost £27,000 in 1827 - ours cost $25,000 in 1869 but cost over 10 times that amount to restore in 1985-1990. Ours was turned off by Coast Guard in early 1950s and replace with a stationary tower light; in 1990 the Coast Guard restored the lens to the tower and reactivated it as an Aid to Navigation - the light is maintain today by the USCG while the building itself is maintained by a Not-for-Profit Conservancy.
  4. Ken, thanks for the information and the extra set of photos. I agree with Michael, the first and second photos are beautiful. My reason for asking is that I am a lighthouse buff of sorts. In 1985-1990 my wife and I helped a local group restore and preserve the Saugerties Lighthouse on the Hudson River as well as act as docents for 5 years after we opened to tours. It is now a Bed and Breakfast. We've toured most of the lighthouses on the US East Coast from Maine to Virginia. Here's a wintertime photo of our Saugerties Lighthouse built in 1869 with one of the US Coast Guard Icebreakers just to the left background.
  5. Ken, what is the name of that lighthouse? Beautiful photo. Nice rainbow off the ship's bow.
  6. Nice Michael. Just don't try to shovel it. As my Dad always says "late April snow is the poor man's fertilizer" - brings all that dissolved nitrogen for the plants, especially the vegetable garden in the background !
  7. Nah, too much work to dig out some HO track, find a working transformer, clean off the dust, etc etc etc. Nice just to look at it on the shelf. Yea it does crawl.
  8. It did the last time I ran it on my Dad's HO layout.
  9. I built that exact same Shay locomotive kit maybe years ago. No movies or photos of it. Sits on a display shelf right now.
  10. Beautiful scene Michael even if it is snow in April. Here in the Hudson Valley it is 85 F, broken clouds, some wind, maybe a thunderstorm toward sunset.
  11. Glad you are home and recovering Michael. Also Happy Anniversary ! Hope you have a nice dinner tonight.
  12. Good to see you out of hospital and on way home. No better place to recover than at home. Rest up and get well soon. Don't rush the recovery.
  13. Artesania Latina's main website lists it as out of stock price 149.99 Euros. No mention of it being discontinued. https://www.artesanialatina.net/en/108-advanced
  14. Tower Hobbies has it listed as available Late June for $126.49 Latina 1/90 San Francisco II Wooden Model Ship Kit