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    Wooden ship building from kits, plank-on-frame and plank-on-bulkhead. Been building off and on for about 40 year. Also Photography, Woodcarving; sailing 19th century ice yachts

    Built a complete N-scale model Railroad, with some kit built rolling stock and numerous buildings.

    Started model building in the mid-1950's with my Dad who was building HO scale Model Railroad rolling stock.

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  1. A masterpiece of machining Michael. Very beautiful work.
  2. Thanks for the video link. But I've had a lot of experience in my 1:35 scale plastic Tamiya armor models using tissue to simulate tarps, bed rolls and the like. It works great and looks good. You did a nice job with yours.
  3. Looks great. The tarp on the little boat came out great - very realistic looking. Stacks look good also. Nice job.
  4. With the Admiral's help I finally got the sails cut-out, trimmed, panel lines sewn in, and finally I myself hand sewed the bolt rope around the edges. The drawing called for thimbles seized to the bolt rope to carry the lashing that holds the main sail to the mast hoops <Photo 1 & 2 below> . Not having anything to create thimbles with I substituted 4 mm rings and sewed them to the sail, seizing the bolt rope at the same time. The plans also called for hanks to be attached to the lower stern end of the main sail to secure the reef tackle < photo 3 >. Since the hanks are 3 inches high (about 3/32 inch in 1:32 scale) I decided that the rings were a better choice. The main sail is shown in photo 4. The jib is finished except for sewing on the bolt rope, which is my next task. In between working on the sails, I added a few more parts to the boat. Secured the anchor chain and anchor, since the boat is in the yard I decided to display the anchor off-ship on the ground in front of the boat. Painted and added the navigational lights to the shrouds. I also added a ladder, paint bucket, and bosun's chair to allow the work crew access to the various areas of the boat for maintenance.
  5. Hi Gerty, just checking in to see how your Skipjack is progressing.
  6. Time Warner Cable ISP seems to have lifted the blockade also, Jim, because for the first since joining I am getting email from MSW.
  7. Bob check your profile. There is an option that allows you to get both - notification to the "Globe here" and an email.
  8. Some decades back there was an epidemic of "angle parkers" in the mall parking lots - you know the people who don't want any dents in their precious car from people opening car doors into them, so they park on an angle across 3 or 4 spaces and always closest to the mall entrance, not out in the "boonies". I just happened to be in a local photo-copy/printing shop one day getting some stuff copied. On the counter the owner had placed a bunch of "sample" pads - one of which looked exactly like a parking ticket - when I read it I nearly fell over laughing - he had a sign on the counter telling his customers to take one or two pads FREE, so I did. After that I started putting them on the windshields of some of the more egregious angle parkers. The ticket is self-explanatory and shown below.
  9. The one closest to the camera in the right hand row is similar to my raised beds. The others are about twice (or more) as deep as mine. But nice beds, Carl. I'm thinking of raising mine up a level. Right now they are all buried under 1-2 feet of snow, and the soil is probably still frozen. So another month maybe
  10. Very sorry to hear about your Mother's cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your time is needed with your Mom and Dad now, Syren can wait.
  11. This is why you never want to stand too close to the tracks at a train station as the train is pulling in. This video was recorded this past Wednesday after the March Blizzard/Nor'easter that hit the Northeast US. The train station is the Rhinecliff station in Rhinebeck NY across the river from me. This was the first train to arrive at the station (southbound to NYC from Albany NY) after the blizzard. That's the Hudson River on the left of the screen. You're looking north in the video. No one was hurt. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-Cb9x70gYQ
  12. This is the NY Golden Snowball contest that's been going on for decades, a friendly competition among these upstate cities to see who gets the most snow for the season, runs until end of May. Usually Syracuse wins it hands down because of the lake effect snow, but that nor'easter Tuesday dumped on Binghamton about 30 plus inches of new snow, so they've caught up to Syracuse. The "normal" in that graph is normal for this time in the season, not annual norm.
  13. After receiving 20 inches of snow it this latest blizzard, Buffalo is losing the race and loving it.