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  1. wthilgen

    Beginner's Wooden Kit

    Smaller is not easier unless your still young enough to have great finger dexterogy and eyes like a hawk. The older I get, the bigger my builds have to be. LOL
  2. My problem isn't finishing; Myne is what to do with it when I'm done. Before I retired and moved to Mazatlan, Mexico; I use to sell them to doctors and lawyers, who placed them in their offices. I only charged what the model cost. Thus adding some and buying a new one. Sometimes I donate them to a church to auction off during one of their events, which made it tax deductabe. I've been to several doctors and what they call lawyers here and I can't even give them away. And I no longer need the tax right offs. Mazatlan is a famous sea port, but only for shrimp. I've have not found any history of tall ships ever coming here.
  3. I use expanding foam from a spray can. One can get it at "Home Depot" the old cans used to have to be used all at once. The new stuff can be used again and again if you seal the nozzle as directed. It expands quite a bit, so a little goes a long way. Make sure it has an outlet so over expansion has a place to go. I generally let it dry for about 3 days, then trim off excess. You'll find it dries pretty hard. Can be trimmed with any sharp edge and can be sanded. It states that you can paint it, I don't know for sure because I only use it between the bulkheads and then plank over it.
  4. wthilgen

    What is a score block ?

    Maybe nothing to do with it exactly, but a score is also used in place of the number twenty. And back in the days of old, was used often in that manner.
  5. wthilgen

    Unanswered Constitution Question

    Smaller dia. Thread works also. Years ago, thread came in only a few dia.'s. Today one has a multitude of sizes and colors.
  6. If and when a ship received any damage to the hull in which they had to make repairs. It was cheaper and faster to insert a stealer or drop plank, and on occasion simply adding a scarf would mean less time in the shipyard. Much in the same way autos use bondo to make it lookgood and get it out of the shop faster and cheaper, compareD to replacing a whole fender or such. Time is money, even in those days.
  7. I use a piece of scotch tape. Place the tape where you would place the plank. Using a fine marker, trace the edges of the existing plate on to the tape. Remove andd place on top of desired plank. You will see exactly and how much material to remove. Get it close, then sneak up on it for the final fit. Works really well when it comes to scarfs.
  8. When you've done your best, there is always wood putty. The real ships of old wern't perfect and to some degree had to be filled in. In small amounts it will add to the over all effect when you put on what ever finish you choose. I personaly prefer to use a propane torch and ever so slightly charing it. Using a finger to rub for desired effect make the vessel appear to be old. Any area where I had to use a bit of putty, turns out blacker and looks like pitch.
  9. wthilgen

    New member....with problems

    Ditto the careful sanding of the slots to enlarge them. I personaly like to make them a tight slip fit. Which to me means having to use two fingers and a thumb on each side for adjustment.
  10. Should you happen to want a nail in the area that was crimpted it could cause a problem because the crimp is less than normal thickness. I no longer use nails for construction, I use them for esthetics value. Soaking or steaming is the way to make sure a plank doesn't pop out in a future date.
  11. wthilgen

    What is your skill level?

    Less than I care to admit.
  12. Take your time, remember to measure at least twice, add a mm then cut. Use glue like it's you last drop. Stock up on clamps (clothes pins, rubber bands). Oh yeah, one more. READ EVERYTHING ON THIS FORUM! And last but not least, There are no stupid questions, When in doubt, ASK!
  13. It would be easier to say what I don't listen to. My hobby area is the only place I DON'T have to listen to my wife or anything else for that matter. In the words of an old song: There's a place that I can go to when I want to be alone; In my room, in my room. I have two locks on the door, one on the outside, one on the inside.

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